Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Your First Friend

You will have many friends in your life. I know this. Today, when we entered daycare, you ran over to another mother and hugged her and her son, Tomas. The other day at KidZone (childcare at our gym), you were hanging on a couple of preschoolers as you all watched cartoons. All the adults in KidZone know you by name. Even cashiers at our local stores know you by name. Somehow you manage to make friends wherever we go. You have a gift of engaging people.

During your first year of life, it was less about who you would choose as a friend and more about mommy & daddy's friends who happened to have another baby girl about your age.

Enter Maddie.

Ryan and Sophie are our very good friends. Your father and Ryan go way back. They are best friends. They brought Maddie down to visit us only two weeks after you were born. We didn't leave the house once, except to sit outside in the backyard. It was wonderful. Sophie made me feel like I wasn't insane. Maddie was adorable. Ryan and Nels had a good time; the first time hanging out as "dads."

It was so calming to have other new parents with us for a while. We swapped stories, tips, tricks, and advise. I felt such gratitude for our friendship with them at that moment in time. I still do. I hope you grow up knowing Maddie and her parents. They are beautiful people.

During our weekend retreat from the real world, I caught this intimate moment between you and Daddy.

We want to see Maddie and her parents more often, unfortunately they live in New Jersey about 3.5 hrs away. They came to visit again the weekend after Thanksgiving. The two of you are becoming fast friends:

I know I won't be able to control who you become friends with. I imagine and hope whoever ends up being your best friend, they will become part of our family; because close friends are the best kind of family.

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