Monday, March 29, 2010

Your 1st Party

We hosted your first birthday party on Saturday. It was a grand affair. We decorated with about 60 balloons and streamers and signs that exclaimed, "happy 1st birthday!"

Friends and family all came to visit and play. You did not disappoint and went from group to group smiling and laughing in your pink party dress. We dyed Easter eggs and had an egg hunt.

A good time was had by all. I was so caught up in seeing friends and family that I forgot to take as many pictures as I wanted to. We should have hired a photographer. The day ended as fast as it begun. We did manage to take a few candid shots the day of the party and the morning after.

We are still in the process of opening your presents. We open a few at a time. You get distracted by the toy and want to play. I can't deny you the pleasure of exploring these new toys. One of the first gifts we opened was a Disney Princess ball pit. You love this. You go diving into your "castle" and play. You laugh and laugh and laugh. It makes me so happy. You are so content to play in this ball pit. You take such pleasure in the small things in life.

Tonight we played with bath tub crayons from Aunt Kaarn and Uncle Cliff. You colored the walls of the tub and your father and I enjoyed being in your presence (so did Stan).

Being around you, with you, is so much fun lately. You have such a personality now. You have your likes and dislikes. You are not a baby anymore. You are one. One year old. Compared to some of the other one year olds in play group and at the doctor today, you seem so much wiser, more mature. You walk, you point, you engaged others, your fine motor and gross motor are far beyond the ability of a 12 month old. According to the doctor, you are on an 18 month ability level. Oh geezzzzz Nora, what am I going to do with you? I am barely ready for a one year old and you are already half way to 2!!! We try to give you all the necessary tools and support to be the best Nora-bean you can be. I hope we don't let you down.

Easter is next weekend. You will wear your pretty dress and participate in the town egg hunt. You have to be one to participate and you are one now!!! But there will be lots of older kids there to compete with, I am glad you had some practice this past weekend at your party. You will kick butt this weekend! Look at that focus!

The party and your birthday went by in a flash... the way your first year of life did. I am doing my best to hang on and cherish each moment as it comes. You were pure magic this weekend and I will always treasure those memories. Thank you Nora for giving them to me.

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