Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter Thoughts

 Easter came and went. We went to Teddy's weekend house on the Eastern Shore where we laughed and cooked and celebrated Easter as a family. Where Nonni, in a haste to save Lucy from the Bay, tripped on the pool and almost fell through the cover. Water splashing up his legs.What I would give to have that on film. I keep saying it over and over because it's true, how blessed we are. How truly blessed we are to have such family. To have such experiences together. 

Today there was another terrorist attack. This time in Boston. How horrible. These events are always horrible. The news keeps playing the bomb detonation and then the view of the blood stains still fresh on the sidewalks. One victim was 8 year old. Sickening  Sometimes it makes me sad that this is the world you two will grow up in but then I think what an opportunity to make a difference. To love. To show compassion. To persevere  To believe in good. To give the benefit of doubt. To live a life with a purpose for fighting against hate by embodying love.

Raising you two can be daunting to think about but most of the time it's pretty easy because in the words of the Beatles, all you need is love. How true it is. And! there's no better time to remember the power of love than in the celebration of Easter. 

Love this photo. Teddy is clearly not happy that Lucy is being silly on the dock.  It's a serious place. Plus he is holding her hand to help her.
Kayak rides for the kids! 
Teddy and his mom.
Nora, you wore that green dress for 4 days in a row. 

Nonni's ride.
First Borns Stick Together.
Dyed eggs for playing? Or eating?

Teddy and Lu on Easter morning.
Whose egg is that?
Lucy's dress was a consignment find for a few bucks and the day before  Easter I was digging in her closet and "found" it again. Why not wear it for Easter? 
Another consignment find for a few dollars and the hat is from the dollar section at Target a couple years ago! Booyah!

Hunting Eggs.

Toddler Model #1
Toddler Model #2
Daddy and Daughter. 
What do you do with all those dyed eggs? Make egg salad!
The kids decorated someone's Birthday Cake
Someone turned 70.... 
During the kayak rides, Lucy accidentally dropped her Minnie Mouse into the water. A meltdown ensued. 
Hard to see but Nonna and Nora picked up Minnie.
It was a good weekend. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Party Fit For a Four Year Old

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this post is 12,000 words unspoken. But the party, it was just that, a party. Fun. Bright. But more importantly, it was an outpouring of love and gratitude for your life, Nora. So many friends. So many people willing to make the trip, to come celebrate with you. Never take that for granted. Friends. Family. Gathering Together. Laughter. Celebrating Life. How blessed you are to know such wonderfully simple but vital things. My birthday wish for you is that you always know such love.