Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pictures of Summer

Labor Day is tomorrow. I have alot I want to tell the two of you, about August. I have so much I want to remember about the summer. But for now just pictures. Images of us together in the summer of 2014. 

Cardboard castle from camp.
Hours of entertainment. 
Peach picking.
Peach eating, while picking. 
Ocean City beach fun. 

Getting ready to ride the waves. 
Snack time after a jellyfish sting on your wrist.
Sand angels are more difficult to clean up from... trust me from experience.
Boardwalk rides.
Boardwalk ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles.
Strolling together.
Giant bubbles!

Let's Go O's! 

Aunt Molly visit!
Swimming and diving.
Sports Camp

Hours and hours building with Daddy's legos. 
Quiet time outside. 
Crazy time outside. 
Gymnastics fun. 
summer concert dancing. 
Front car roller coaster riding. 
4 separate rides on the super dooper looper. 
Front seats on a roller coaster that goes upside down. 
Post ride high.
Chitty car that you had to drive when Daddy fell asleep!

Front car on a super fast roller coaster. 
You were barely tall enough but you would have gone on any coaster they let you on. Crazy kid!
Holding baby chicks with Aunt Katie. 

Afternoon train rides.

Just being together.