Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Raining on your Party

Oh my Nora, I am never caught up on life. Sometimes I get frustrated that I am always 17 steps behind but I am trying to embrace what is and not be so worried about what  I should be doing. So tonight after the Class of 2017's Chipotle dinner fundraiser (yum!), I am taking a moment to remember your birthday party. Maybe because there was a monsoon during your party and we couldn't take advantage of outside space and tonight the rain has begun. 4 days are predicted of cold, heavy rain. I want to sit in the front of the fire... 2 days before May begins. On your party day, March 29th, it was much like today. We even had a fire to warm all our wet and cold guests! 

But the rain wouldn't ruin your parties. Yes, Nora we out-did ourselves this year and threw you TWO parties. One Fairy Princess Tea Party for your pre-K friends at a local tea house and one Frozen inspired tea party for your family and friends at home. 5 is a big year! Kindergarten is coming and I can't deny you are now officially a child. Not a baby, toddler or preschooler. Even in the last 5 weeks, you have matured in a way I could never have imagined. Your father and I talked about what you would be like in another 5 years. I have a hard time envisioning your 10 year old self. What will you be like? You have changed so much in the last 5 years, I can't even fathom what the next 5 years will bring. But whatever comes I will be there with you to walk with you along the way. And  to occasionally throw you insanely cute parties to celebrate you and to express how cherished you are by your father and I. 

Splashing in puddles before going to Gypsy's Tea Room down the road.

Nonna came to help Mommy manage the 12 pre-k girls. Thank goodness!
Waiting for your guest upstairs in the little tea house.
Dressing up as fairies.
We did a fairy headband craft.
We learned tea etiquette. 
Tea was served and enjoyed!
Tea treats were served too!
The most adorable tea pot shaped cake was served.
We came home in time to get ready for family and friends!
Dancing with Olaf, the balloon.
Lucy refused to put on her Anna dress.
Which would have made this photo 20x more adorable!
Daddy out-did himslef on this cake. All the Frozen characters are there and behind the mountains are the triplets from Brave and for good measure an authentic Norwegian troll was added. 
When Daddy brought out the cake, Nora, you were soooooo excited!!
Daddy started putting icing all over your face. 
Lucy only has eyes for the cake. She is going to EAT IT NOW!
Lucy won't stop with wanting that cake.
Aunt Katie Love.
BFF love.

Grandma love for giving you Frozen piano / song book. Favorite gift!
Painting fairy houses.
Crazy balloon girl. 
Now, what are we going to do for 6??? Maybe we'll skip a year or two or three or five. Do this on a half-decade basis. But we had so much fun and that's worth something too.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Returning to Regularly Scheduled Programming

I know I'm bad. I did not even come close to making my 5 post goal for March. Life is just busy right now. But when is it not? Plus someone in our family has been not well for the last 2 months. But it seems like finally, FINALLY, we are all on the mend.

Today was a beautiful day. Weather wise and to-do list wise. It is the first Saturday in forever that we didn't have any plans. Nadda.Not one thing scheduled. We just went with the flow and ended up following a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event to our city park where there was a festival and egg hunt! Totally unplanned for us. We only stayed a little while but it reminded me of why we love our town. We walked to our coffee shop and annoyed the hipsters with unending games of I-spy and had iced hot chocolates (a made up menu item but they love us enough there we can make up drinks). We played outside all day and had both lunch and dinner on the deck /patio in the sun. The day ended in the backyard swinging and watching two sisters do a gymnastics show. Just what my frayed nerves needed. The glass of pink champagne didn't hurt either. 

And long over due but still needed, a continuation of Disney because I already uploaded the pictures eons ago and remembering this day makes my heart smile.

Breakfast at Cinderella's Castle.... before the park opens. So worth it! You might have to squint to see Daddy and you two. But I wanted to get the effect that NO ONE WAS AROUND. We had that castle all to ourselves.
We walked up an almost empty main street. Perfect castle picture except Lucy's grimace.
Cinderella invited us to dine inside her castle!
Walking the red carpet up the spiral staircase. 
Only place we met Jasmine!
Aurora hug at breakfast!
We met Snow White again!
Ariel as a human.
Cinderella's dining room. 
View out the back of the castle from the dining room. The crowd gathering before opening that section. 
Leaving breakfast we get a drink from Cinderella's fountain.

Guess who happened to show up?!?!
Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. We enjoyed talking to her and practicing our Bibbidi  Bobbidi Boo!
Skipping away from Fairy Godmother and the Castle. A perfect morning. 
We met Tianna! She was stunning and so lovely to talk to!!
We stumbled upon a parade. Only in Disney. Here is Woody waving to us! 
Mickey too!
We met Stitch in Tomorrow Land! I think we were the only girls in line to meet him!
And it wouldn't be a Disney trip without a ride on It's a Small World. 
Daddy's most favorite ride everrrrrr.
Nora, you refused to meet Gaston from Beauty and the Beast so we got a picture with his fountain in front of his tavern instead. 
One of the best experiences and interactions was with Rapunzel and Snow White. Circumstances just so happened that we were alone in a room with these two princesses for about 10 minutes. Both princesses played with you two. Snow White played hide and seek (we have a video) and twirled about and had the two of you spinning too. 
Rapunzel kiss.

Rapunzel was being silly with you two making facing and playing tricks on Snow White. 
She told you two your hair could be as long as hers one day... maybe this is why Nora, you are refusing to cut your hair now. 
Rapunzel left a kiss mark on each of your cheeks. 
Disney has a lot of fountains. This is Pinocchio's. 
Ariel the Mermaid. Lucy, you would not get any closer to her scales. 
Classic Dumbo, of course!
Tea Cup excitement. We were able to ride in the pink one. Score!
Meeting Alice. I completely didn't notice the lens cap until now. Oh well!
Meeting Tinker Bell!
Tinker Bell's Sister Periwinkle

These next few pictures are of the mosaics inside Cinderella's castle when you walk through. They are stunning and so detailed. Most people just walk right through and never notice.  When we came through for breakfast I realized the beautiful art. One of many ways Disney is set apart from other amusement parks. 

This is one of 4 or 5 panels which tell Cinderella's story. 

With a little pre-planning on my part and a little magic on Disney's part, it was a truly wonderful day, filled with memories. 
One more day at Disney meeting our favorite characters. Then it is on to Fairy Princess Tea Parties and family celebrations for our resident 5 year old. Maybe by Easter I will be caught up.... stop laughing. It could happen!