Wednesday, March 10, 2010

4 Generations

One day in school, you will discuss the concept of ancestry. This is a complex topic for 21st century children. Your lineage is such a hodge-podge.

This is my attempt at explaining how you came to be:

I'm an Irish-Italian. Nonna is Irish, Nonni is Italian. Although Nonna's dad, my PopPop's family could trace his ancestry back to Revolutionary times in the DC area (although it was not DC then). He could have been German / Scandinavian of some sort. Who knows. The Irish and Italians on my side of the family both migrated here early in the 20th century. Nonna's family settled in the DC area and Nonni's family settled in New York City.
Your great-grandmother is still alive. She is the Irish portion of your ancestry.

Here we are 4 generations of women:

Nonni's parents (the Italians) are both deceased. However, your great-grandma's sister is still alive and lives in NYC. She is 93. She climbs 90 steps to her apartment each day, there's no elevator. She makes the best meatballs! I hope you get to try them one day. You have very strong Italian blood running through your veins.
This picture is you & I with Nonni and Uncle Bill and Great-great Aunt Lucy. She was your great-grandma Marcot's younger sister.

Forgive me, but your father's side of the ancestry is lesser known to me. I know that Grandma is Swedish and Grandpa is Norwegian. The Scandinavian pride runs deep on your father's side of the family. As it should. You will spend many summers in Wisconsin soaking it up at Borgens and Dregnes and more recently Ole & Lena's Cafe. One cannot forget the Uff Da Mart. Places that will hold many memories for you. Don't worry, you have already visited all those places when you were only 4 months old. You also got a picture with the giant Viking. Hopefully afternoons will be spent with great-grandma Jothen making lefse.

Here you are as the 4th Generation Jothen.

So, let's recap.

You, Nora, are a mutt.

A Norwegian-Swede, Italian-Irish mutt, with a few other unknown bloodlines.
Maybe one day you will get to visit Norway, Sweden, Italy and Ireland and see the countries where your ancestors are from. I think it would be interesting, but then again I was a history major in college.


you are one gorgeous mutt.

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