Sunday, November 30, 2014

These Are The Days

These are the days...
Of dinosaurs and queens. 
of pumpkin carvings
Of jack-o-lantern's glow.
of downtown treat or treats
of holding Daddy's hand.

Of pet dinosaurs. 
Of having fun with friends.
Of sipping on juice
Of last autumn blooms.
Of town festivals and rides.
Of trick or treating on Halloween night.
Of spending time with grandma.
Of loving our neighbors. 
Of giving *almost* all our candy to Operation Gratitude.
Of building and creating.
Of picnics besides a stream.
Of exploring.
Of jumping from rock to rock.

Of celebrating friends' birthdays.
Of Ikea ice cream cones.
Of adorable hats.
Of learning to jump rope.
Of meeting "Ed" at our local coffee shop.
Of loving Aunt Molly visits.
Of meeting new family members.
Of a mom being with her four girls and youngest grandson all in one night.
Of catching some first snow on our tongues.
Of holding a real baby.
Of meeting the newest cousin.
Of oldest holding youngest.
Of trying skiing for the first time. GO LU!

Of first lift rides for this family of four.
Of re-learning balance. 
Of uncombed hair.
Of dancing in the first real snowfall of the season.

These are the days I am so grateful for spending with you two.