Monday, April 30, 2012

We Met Elmo. For Realsies.

We have many pictures and a little bit of video but the memories for me will last a lifetime. Seeing the excitement and pure joy you both exuded was simply beautiful and worth every penny. Ok ok, it was free. But really this type of experience was truly priceless. I totally understand why Kevin Clash keeps up with taking care of Elmo. How nourished one can be by interacting with a never ending stream of kids who demonstrate what true elation is. Thank you Mr. Clash and Elmo for bringing so much love & inspiration to my girls and to the world.


In a 2011 interview with NPR Kevin Clash described Elmo as, "a 3-1/2-year-old with a lot of energy [who] loves hugs and kisses, and loves to laugh."

Gee! I don't know ANYONE like THAT.... ok I might know someone....

And I have to thank Daddy for taking such awesome photos and videos. Elmo caused quite a frenzy and  when it was our turn to meet him Daddy plowed through an entire crowd of people exclaiming "that one's mine!" So he could get to the front and catch those most precious moments. He would do almost anything for you Nora, including plowing through children and the elderly.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I've been thinking alot about the purpose of this blog lately. Why do it? Why continue? Certainly I am not a mommy blogger making money from the funny stories or anecdotes of my life. I am not a writer weaving beautiful tales of childhood memories. I am not offering advise or perspective on how to raise kids. Who really reads this besides your aunts and grandparents? And Ashley, of course!


I am documenting the lives of my children. For you. For your sister. I don't scrapbook. Tried and failed. I never filled out a baby book.


I have this blog. I have the entries for you to read someday. I have the pictures and videos for you to know how you have been loved and treasured from the beginning.

I am not looking to make money or even have other people read this. If someone is here to see what's going on with us, WELCOME!


The true purpose of this blog is not for them, Nor. It's for you and Lucy. You have always been my primary audience and always will.

I wish you will always know the love of your family and never loose the ability to laugh with them. I hope you will grow up to know Teddy like a brother. I hope you will know your aunts and uncles as an extension of your father and I.

We celebrated aunt Katie's birthday at their beautiful Georgetown home. We had a picnic at the park across the street from their house and hiked some trails in Rock Creek. It was quite fun. Nonni wanted to walk all the way to the National Zoo. We turned around before we got there. Next time :-)

Happy Birthday Aunt Katie clap!


Mmmmmmmm fresh Georgetown sand. It's better than your average park.

Picnic with Daddy

Rock Creek with Aunt Katie

Someone fell asleep during the hike.

For children ONLY, Daddy!!!

Walk, Teddy, Walk!

Daddy scaring me by standing on the edge of a steep ravine.
So there's an update on what's been going on. I will try to update more often. We do love our readers and  want to keep them abreast on our lives.


I really love the idea of you reading and watching your story unfold sometime in the not-to-distant future.

Monday, April 16, 2012


So Easter. It was fun. You were insanely adorable. We got up, hunted for Easter baskets in the backyard where I pulled a great prank on you (look for the pics), went to morning mass with the Wagmans, ate breakfast and then prepared for a humongous lunch/dinner with the Wagmans. We crammed 18 people into their dining room! Wow! We had a successful egg hunt after the meal but I think it was only successful because your only competition was little Lu. And she was more smitten with the cat than the eggs. Overall, we had a very lovely day frolicking about with friends, neighbors and family. What a little lady you are turning into... pearls and all.

I tricked you into thinking the Yoda basket was yours and you crumbled.
Totally crumbled to the ground crying "I DON'T WANT THAT ONE!"

Then I felt bad and told you to keep hunting and you finally saw your loot on the swing.
You took off running saying "I SEE MY BASKET!!!" 

And here you are counting your loot. Explaining to me how much the Easter bunny left you.

Lucy at Easter Dinner

Lucy wasn't feeling the bunny ears.

Let the hunting begin!

Lu is actually looking at the cat and has zero interest in that egg.

Yup, Lucy loves the cat.

This is what Lucy thinks of egg hunts.

Hunt those eggs Nor!
In the middle of the chaotic day, someone mentioned that it was Lucy's first Easter. Oops. Totally dropped the ball on that one. Happy First Easter Lucy! But Mr. Kevin's mom was in attendance and she is 94. I think your 94th Easter is a much more awesome accomplishment than your 1st. But maybe it's just me...

Hopefully you and Lucy will get to experience 94 Easters too. How cool would that be?!?! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Break Recap

What a spring break we've had this year. Fun with friends and family alike. If my plans hold, I'll update on Easter tomorrow, but we both know the best laid plans...

Anyway, tonight I want to record our exciting adventures. The first was exciting and somewhat scary and most definitely a rite of passage for your newly three self: object inserted and became lodged in your nose. Lodged so far up, Daddy had to scramble about on a Sunday night for an open store to buy a tool long and skinny and pinchy enough to grab the wad of tissue you stuck up there. Marta had to wrap you like a burrito and straddle you on the "operating table" and Trish held your head really still. Lucy and I watched from the steps while Daddy took pictures. I have to say, it was quite amusing. A story for the ages.

We then went to an enchanted farm with Ashley and Skyler where we were able to frolic about to all types of enchanted places. The three of you rode on a cow train, had a pony ride with Farmer Nora, fed some goats and sheep, had a picnic together, went down a rainbow slide, played in an enchanted maze and generally enjoyed running around. We were thoroughly burnt when we got home (oops mommy forgot the sunscreen!) and really tired but we had such a great time. And the best part was this enchanted forest used to be some place else when I was growing up and I actually had my 6th birthday at the enchanted forest. I remember it well. It was pretty neat to see you enjoying and playing with the same things that made me so happy 24 years ago.

Later in the week we dyed eggs and went to the city egg hunt (FAIL) where you completely cracked under the pressure and you didn't hunt one egg! You would be redeemed the next day. However, on our way home from the failed egg hunt, we were able to get front row seats to play with piglets!!! Lucy was thrilled about this. She was a bit apathetic when it came to plastic eggs but get that girl near a live animal and she becomes a squealing ball of joy. Later in the day, we were able to see uncle Cliff and aunt Kaarn and they came with us to the annual Peep show at the Arts Center. We peeped together this year and you and aunt Kaarn enjoyed Peep-on-a-Stick. The show is always so creative and fun and I'm glad they could enjoy it with us... and Grandma and Grandpa and Rika came too! Finally, you and Lu have been enjoying Daddy's habit of roadside trash rescue where he procured a John Deere atv ride car thingy that you drive all over the backyard. Too bad it has it's problems and it needs alot of pushing but who can argue with free?!?!

So our spring break came and went. I want to remember how you and Lucy soaked up life and you both fiercely engage in all activities with your whole heart and soul. I suppose I really admire your gusto.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Fools! It's Nonni's Birthday!

Nonni's birthday was on Sunday. It's exactly one week after your birthday. It also falls on April 1st, April Fool's Day. You don't need to comment on how fitting his birthday is. We all already know.

I still remember the first time you celebrated his birthday... it was the first time we had left our house after coming home from the hospital. I was terrified and exhausted and sore. You were mesmerized by the birthday candles.

Not a whole lot has changed... well you're slightly more alert now.

The entire Marcot clan (minus Nick) went to a seafood buffet for lunch and then to Wheaton Park for some train ride and carousel fun. We also sang happy birthday and ate cake in typical picnic style reminiscent of aunt molly's 21st back in October. We capped off our afternoon with some rigorous swinging which was fun for all. If you watch the video, look how excited Teddy gets! The last picture is not one where Lu is crying, she's actually squealing with delight.

And yes, you wore your party dress for an encore presentation. All of your own insistence. All of us had a very good time laughing, eating, playing: enjoying the family that Nonni built.

How blessed we are to have such an awesome Nonni to love us and celebrate birthdays with!