Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Natural Born Teacher

Your birthday is a week and two days away.

I wish I could more like you. I am suppose to be teaching you the ways of the world and you end up teaching me.

Teaching me to...
slow down and look at the rocks lining the sidewalk.
calm down and play for awhile.
treat everyone I meet as if they were a friend.
smile more instead of frowning.
love unconditionally.
accept help.
savor the moment before its gone.
snuggle more on the couch.
enjoy a good bedtime book.
live each day enjoying what the world has to offer.

How are you only a year old (almost) and have so much more knowledge and understanding of this world?

As a newborn, you seemed so wise and comfortable in a world so fresh.

As a yearling, you sit on the couch and play your i-Phone apps.

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