Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Your First Vacation

One of my favorite memories of you so far is your first vacation at the beach. You were 3 months old when Nonna and Nonni took you and I to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. You were in your crying phase at this point. I feared the long drive(about 5 hours).

You actually did well on the ride down until the last hour where we were stuck in traffic. Nickle Creek stopped working so Nonna and I sang "Toora Loora Looral" and "Hush Little Baby" over and over again until we made it to our little cottage by the sea. We could see the ocean and the bay from our deck. The week was spent lounging on the beach and taking little trips around the local towns. As soon as we got you to the beach... you would fall asleep. I don't think you were awake for more than 5 minutes at a time on the beach. I am not sure if the wind or the waves that made you fall into a deep sleep. But we spent the time relaxing, reading and taking walks in the surf as you slept. It was glorious.

You had quite the adventures on your first vacation.

You went mini golfing and went on a train ride!

You went to the Elizabethean Gardens.

You visited an aquarium and watched fish swim by.

You read books with Uncle Kevin.

You hung out on the beach with Nonna.

You practiced your smile.

You ate frozen custard.

You went to a lighthouse but they wouldn't let you climb to the top.

You hiked to the top of the largest dunes on the east coast (ok, mommy carried you up but you were a trooper and when we hiked down, you pooped on Nonna).

You were a beach bum.

Although you will not remember your first vacation, I treasure the memories. Nora- you are such a joy to know.

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