Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Goodbye November!

Oh Nora! November 2010 can go down in our family history as a complete waste of time. Actually, you used the 30 days to somehow grow even more brilliant than you already are. Now you count to 10 proficiently and can answer questions such as "what number comes after 6?" or "what number comes before 4?" Besides those feats of mathematical wizardry, you now say most of the alphabet. You are excellent A through H and then things get fuzzy I through T but your back on track by the end for U through Z. You love love love to sing and can remember key words in songs and just sing them over and over, pretty much in tune. Pop Goes the Weasel and The Wheels on the Bus are absolute favorites.

In November, you and your father were fine. I was on death's door step. The doctor said it was just a simple viral infection. I thought it was black plague. After the illness faded around the middle of the month, I was slammed with exhaustion. I self diagnosed myself with secondary mono since I already had mono 10 years ago during my first semester at college. The doctor said one cannot get mono again. Whatever. I was so tired all the time. I slept 12-15 hrs when possible. At my desk at work I took naps. I think I slept through some of my hour drives home. I was too exhausted and recovering from the plague of November 2010 to do anything but be a blob. Looking back, it was rather glorious. Being a blob. You would toddle around my supine body while coloring over everything including my work laptop (oops) and the red ottoman. You put stickers all over the place. I still leave the house finding stickers on the bottom of my shoe. I found an entire water park set up in the dog bowl the other night. Fun times.

Anyway, let's catch up with a month in pictures:

You picked out your very own potty at the store. It is Elmo themed. Once we brought it home and took it out of the box, you sat on it for awhile until you stood up, squatted next to the Elmo potty and pooped on the dining room rug. Sigh.

We danced in the living room. Ok, you and Becca did most of the dancing.

You played with James.

We made Thanksgiving day peanut butter cookies with a chocolate kiss center in your "Everyone is Thankful for Me" shirt. You mainly liked to dip your fingers in the sugar and lick.

You ate Thanksgiving dinner with almost everyone at the table and remembered to say your prayers of thanksgiving:

Daddy built towers taller than you!

We ate delicious 'Hot Chocolate' flavored Italian Ice from a new local joint.

We froze our butts off at the annual Christmas lighted parade.

We went to the Kennedy Krieger Festival of Trees with Ashley where you watched the toy trains, rode a toy train, a carousel and your very first LIVE pony!!!

We stuffed ourselves with french fries until all that was left was ketchup on our noses.

Just so you remember that I did not make up the plague of November 2010. Here is one of my many naps by the fire with you running wild.