Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Rumblings

Summer Solstice is today. It is grey and cool. Today is an anomaly in the recent weather patterns. Mostly hot, crisp blue skies that fade into hazy humid afternoons which bring the distant rumbles of thunder. The rain comes in deluge at night with skies lighting up in violent anger. The vegetable garden is flourishing. So are are the weeds.

The school year ended with 3 graduations for the 3 different schools. Dr. Ben Carson was our 12th grade graduation speaker and NASA astronaut Don Thomas was our 8th grade speaker. Both were excellent. They gave wonderfully inspiring tidbits of wisdom and advise. Dr. Carson could not stay after the ceremony to meet and greet everyone. I didn't realize the significance that I was able to meet him, shake his gifted hand and speak to him on a personal level during the gathering for the processional before the ceremony. Sometimes you can't appreciate an experience until its over.

Work has been insanely busy with end of year requirements like report cards and GPAs and scheduling for the next academic year. Demands from teachers, administrators, students, campers, summer staff. The end of the school year is now such a juxtaposition for me. On one hand, I am faculty and can celebrate the end of classes and enjoy the festivities. On the other hand, I am IT staff and my work load grows with close of the academic year. Although temporary, until the June student mailing goes out at the end of the month, I can be a bit prickly. Overwhelmed. I sort of forgot about this crazy time that I went through last year. Next year I will be better prepared for the inundation of work.

Hence the lack of updates. I want to change that. I want to write a quick blurb about our adorable weekly walk to Birdies where we go by God's Well and we check on the progress of the community garden. Or our afternoons under the walnut tree. Or our time spent playing imaginative games or puzzles or Gooey Louie. Or our evenings at the pool learning to swim without floaties. But that's just not reality for me right now.

Eventually the IT duties settle down. Work was much better this week in terms of projects. However, on Sunday our minivan died. Or it was killed by Mr. Tire. We dropped it off for a routine oil change and we picked it up with engine damage. Major main bearing engine damage. There is no good explanation for what happened other than it can just happen out of the blue. No one is accepting responsibility. Which leaves me in a predicament of finding a new vehicle. Extra stress.

Thank goodness, Nora you were with Aunt Kaarn down in Virginia for her Art Camp this past week. By the look of all your projects, it was a very productive camp! You had so much fun and enjoyed yourself so much. It was such a blessing that your first experience with camp was with Aunt Kaarn and you had a blast! I think you and Aunt Kaarn had so much fun, you want to make this annual tradition! Hooray!! Let's hope you keep this enthusiasm for "All Girls Sport Camp" next week at school.

I have so many things I want to tell you two. To remember. Your smiles. The way you ran into each other's arms today in the backyard when Nora came home from being away for the week. How on Nora's first night back, the two of you conspired after bedtime to sleep together just so you could spend a few more moments giggling together.

Backyard Bubbles
I love your head in the bubble Nora!

Lucy, your choice of accessories vary day to day.
On this day, you chose the vintage Mickey Ears.
Cooking something up.
This day, the backpack stuffed with random trinkets. 
Saturday morning walk to Birdies!

Learning about the summertime magic of the honeysuckle.
Honeysuckle Drunk.
Nora, you were suppose to be practicing push ups for gymnastics. 
We had a ball in Pre-K!
Last day with your school best friend and 2 teachers! 
Celebrating Father's Day with Nonni and Nonna at Savage Mill.
Naked hot chocolate!!!
Lucy, you LOVE to ride your "bike" which was free from Daddy's co-worker. 
Breakfast at Cup! 
At Cup watching the train pass through main street.
Nora, you were suppose to be watering the garden!
Instead you watered yourself and your sister!

Today, the accessory was a maraca from Puerto Rico.
Last morning of PreK. June 10, 2014
Forget about accessories and just wear your Anna costume. 
Summer time dancing. 

Hello Summer. It's nice to see you again!
And then something so special and wonderful happens, it puts all the stress and craziness into perspective. We were able to "meet" and celebrate the entrance of Finn into this world. Although our families are 3000 miles apart, they are close in our hearts and we are so happy for Marta and Troy and their beautiful son. Welcome Finn, we are so glad you are here! 

I hope and pray I will have more time, less stress and more energy to update more often than once a month!