Saturday, February 28, 2015


I don't know what it is about this time of year. We have had alot of fun these last few weeks. Some stress too. Your father traveled to California and back leaving me alone with 2 dogs, 2 girls and a snow storm. He also traveled to North Carolina at the beginning of the month. Lucy now wears underwear all the time (not just at daycare). We went out to dinner to celebrate her "trained" ability. But with Lucy, she is never fully trained. She just doesn't conform to normal standards. And we accepted her long ago as that's just Lu. What a complex combination of joy and frustration she brings us.    

I've had presentations almost every week at school. Stress. Your father and I escaped for a long weekend to Deep Creek Lake. Stress-relieving. We skied all weekend. In negative degree weather which froze our faces and boots. And in a deep snow storm with some of the best fresh powder I have ever experienced. It was glorious skiing. And now Jessica can ski with me! Your father freely glides through the woods and black diamonds feeling the exhilaration that green trails can't bring you. 

But something nags at me still. Maybe it's tax season. Maybe it's the re-enrollment contracts that came in the mail for school for next year. Lucy was accepted into PreK. Hooray. We attended the "Accepted Student Party" and celebrated with new families. 

I don't know what it is. We aren't crazy busy. Today we did a free Read Across America event at our local mall and watched Big Hero 6 (adorable!). Tomorrow, the first day of March, we will attend Sunday school and get ready for the week ahead. Maybe it's because the last few days have been mundane. No major stress, your father is in the state, no real excitement either. We are just existing, waiting for spring to arrive (but would love some warm skiing days before the end of the season). 

Ice and snow still crusted everywhere. 2 weeks until Spring Break. 

February wasn't all blah. But that's how I feel today on the last day of the shortest month. 

Favorite! Fresh guacamole made table-side.

Late birthday celebration!
Valentine's Day class haul.
Sleepover, the morning after. On the frozen pond. 

Goodnight Daddy text! 

Daddy chose Lucy's outfit this day.

Snowing = fresh powder!

So Lucy. Half naked mermaid with original artwork on the whiteboard.

On top of the mountain!

Love! Nora, you are helping Lucy ski to the giant flower.