Friday, March 30, 2012


Lucy has proved to be one of the most difficult tasks of my life. I'm not kidding. This kid since conception has been difficult. She was an angsty baby. Notice the use of past tense. Lucy has been adjusted.

One of the reasons Lucy has been a hard baby for me is she always seemed to be in pain. Even when she was rested and fed. Maybe it was acid reflux or allergies, cue the pediatric allergist appointments. Maybe it was neurological or connected to that weird jaw wink, cue the pediatric opthamologist. Maybe it was her immune system and propensity to asthmatic conditions and enter the nebulizer. But everything was a temporary fix. I could take care of the tiredness or hunger or acid reflux or dairy sensitivity.

This kid was driving me insane. I would hold her for hours and hours. She would scream if I put her down to play by herself. I understand Lucy is more sensitive and introverted than you are Nora. I understand shy and to increase her processing time to help her comfort level. Something in my motherly instincts was telling me she just wasn't right. Oh she smiled and played and would reluctantly leave my side if torn away. But she abnormally sought out comfort from me.

I met a baby with glasses at our Wednesday storytime on March 14th. She had never attended our class before. I haven't seen them since, I wish I have so I could thank them. I struck up a conversation with her mom about her glasses since this will be a real possibility for Lucy. Long story short, this mom's baby sounded exactly like a Lucy, irritable and uncomfortable for no apparent reason. Her brother-in-law recommended that she take her baby to a chiropractor. She thought it was a lot of mumbo-jumbo but was desperate. She said it changed her baby completely.

Hmmmm, the wheels in my head were spinning. I was desperate. I was at the end of my rope, not having a full night's sleep in over a year since the third trimester of pregnancy. I live in a fog. I went home for lunch a did some Googling. I had never heard of an infant chiropractor before. Turns out, most chiropractors will treat infants. I called an office right around the corner from our house. They asked how soon I wanted to be seen, not sure of the wait, I asked for as soon as possible. "How's 5pm today?"

We met Dr. Jeff and Lucy was a bear. Typical. He explained to me that c-section babies do not get the chance to have a natural alignment from the birth canal. Makes sense. Lucy would not go to Dr. Jeff or allow him to even touch her. So he had my lie on my back on the table and put Lucy on my tummy facing me. He picked her up three times by her feet. Lucy loved this since she thought it was a game as she would blast off into the air and come back down with her arms outstretched to me. Then Dr. Jeff took this baby actuator thingy which felt like someone gently flicking you. It barely felt like anything. He tapped Lucy twice on the back of her neck and said see you back on Friday. The last thing I said to him before he walked out the door was, "Will this help her?" And he gave me some mumbo-jumbo about the body's ability to heal itself from within once it's in proper alignment. Huh uh. It looked like he didn't do anything to her. And these visits were not covered by insurance since Lucy was under 12.

So Wednesday night at 5:30pm we left the chiropractor, weird since 8 hours before I had never heard of infant chiropractic adjustments. By 7pm Lucy had started her transformation. I put her down on the floor and she crawled away from me. She crawled all around the house. She played by herself, she went to your father and Trish and Kevin next door. She even sat contently with Kevin in his chair for almost 10 minutes. That night she slept 11 hours straight. Thursday she woke up and she was like a completely different baby. Yes, she was still shy and yes, she still needs more processing time. She still startles easily. Those are a part her personality but whatever pain she was feeling was gone. She was happy. She began to talk and make noises like never before. She now says Dada and da for dog and sssssss for cat and mmmmmmmmm for mom and huhhuhhuh for Nora. It's like she was awoken from a haze. People immediately notice this shift: the caregivers at the gym, Ms. Patti, friends at a playdate. Everyone commented on how happy and alert she had become overnight. Thursday night she slept 10 hours. Her naps were becoming longer too.

It couldn't have been this easy. It looked like Dr. Jeff did nothing at all! We saw him that Friday and Lucy was like a different baby. She smiled and waved at Dr. Jeff and let him pick her up and play. This is the same baby who wouldn't leave my arms two days ago. He flicked her with his actuator thingy a few more times.

HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?!?! It took me 8 months of Lucy's life to find her some relief. I feel horrible that she was in pain. Lucy is now adjusted and doing quite well. Her transformation has been remarkable. We are even doing a testimonial for Dr. Jeff's website. He says that her story is one that should be shared. He says he has seen his fair share of miraculous recoveries in his practice and Lucy is one of them.

Who knew a chance encounter with another mom would lead me to seeking out non-traditional forms of treatments for my angsty baby? Who knew all that mumbo-jumbo was true? I'm glad my mind and my heart were open. I'm so thankful for Lucy's sake.

Now if there was only a cure for teething.... infant acupunture perhaps?

Can you see the tooth that has been the bane of your existence this week?!
So in conclusion to my winding tale, March 14th 2012 will be the day that Lucy became adjusted. Take it how you will. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today is your official third birthday. Yesterday we had a ginormous party at a local bounce establishment. You had so much fun, I cannot even begin to describe your excitement and enjoyment over the entire day and days leading up to the party. For being freshly three, you are quite the social creature. You appreciate a good party and always seem to know how to have a good time. I feel so honored to be your mom. You are so very loved by so many. Sometimes I am in awe of how easily you make friends. How readily you love. How open your heart is. In your mind, there is always room for more.

Nora, your pure elation and joy was worth the stress of having a party. The planning, invites, food, favors and general logistics. The up-to-2am pink princess castle cake baking and decorating. The gasp on Saturday morning when you opened the fridge and saw it for the first time was absolutely priceless. The way you cheered and ran up to hug as family and friends arrived at your party was adorable to watch. The way you squealed with delight over each bounce adventure and gift. The way your face glowed with gratitude and awe as we sung happy birthday. It was worth it. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

But yet, today, your actual birthday was the exact opposite of yesterday. No party, no family and friends, no hoopla, no big celebration. We chilled out in the living room all afternoon together. Sometimes we played or painted together. Sometimes we just sat near each other and did our own thing. We munched on party leftovers... like the 50lbs of cake! We went to Panera for breakfast. We Skyped with Janice and Ed for almost 2 hours!! Wowzers! We had a dinner picnic on the back deck and then 6pm church and then 7pm frozen custard at the Cow . But in short, we really didn't do anything spectacular or overly exciting for your "real" day of birth. And you know what? I would have done it all again in a heartbeat.

It was wonderful and joyous celebrating with all our family and friends and having a blast at a big party. We all enjoyed it, even Lu! But we also enjoyed our mellow day too. Parties are great fun and definite perk with an overly-social three year old but it feels comforting to know that 'just us' is also satisfyingly fun (and whole lot cheaper too!).

In the three years (and forty weeks) since I've known you, I am constantly trying to remind myself that you haven't been around forever. You weren't always in my life...but it sure feels that way. You always have been, always will.

Becca and Nick did face painting for your guests!

Four boxes of cake mix, four cans of frosting, three princesses, four chocolate covered cones and whole lotta love and sprinkles!!!

The family, plus Ashley. Who is close enough to family to be included.
As if you didn't get enough presents, Daddy bought you an authentic Dora backpack with map. You're in love.
Crazy bouncing kid.
You picked out that party dress from the store, all on your own.
I made those chocolate covered pretzels again! YUM!
Parachute games!
Space Balls face paint + sugar = a very giddy Daddy

A birthday party wouldn't be complete without a creepy Nonni picture!
 Lu's face is priceless.

What more do you need on your birthday than your sister and best friend to celebrate with you?

And just so you know today didn't pass without us recognizing it is your birthday! That's what the hamburger card (and real hamburgers) are for!

Happy 3rd Birthday NVJ! What a ride it's been and it certainly isn't slowing down anytime soon! In fact, I think I see some hills and twists and turns up ahead. Here we go!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Teddy turned 1 on February 21st and of course he had a party! We are very lucky that Teddy moved to DC from California at 4 months and now we get to see him pretty often! He might appear to some as a concerned little fellow, but he is quite the delight. He is very determined and he loves to explore and investigate his world. I wish we could see Teddy everyday. But we have to settle for about once or twice a month. Both you and Lucy have a good time playing with Teddy and I think he enjoys you two as well.

Happy 1st Birthday Teddy! A year ago you accomplished something the Marcot's hadn't seen since 1945, the birth of a boy!!! But now you are so much more; you are Theodore James, a very insightful little boy who will always be loved and cherished by his family.

I made those chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles!

The 1st birthday shot no one ever takes... the clean up!!!