Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Marta Fun

Marta came back to our home for a weekend at the end of May for her graduation from Hopkins. After we had all that pomp and circumstance stuff out of the way, it was time to have some fun! I hope you always remember Marta's time with us. You would tell anyone who would listen, your big sister was going to be a doctor. I received many strange looks about that statement. Troy was your boyfriend for a few months before you broke it off for your romance with Daddy. Lucy will probably have no memory of living with Marta, of the Saturday morning breakfasts and tickle fights and trips to Hoffman's ice cream. Of the love and laughter that permeated the walls. Lucy will not remember how Marta diagnosed her with both RSV and croup. Lucy will not remember what life was like for her first year and half, but I will. I will remember how Marta saved me from going insane in those early days with Lucy. I will remember the love and experiences she gave you both from sleepovers in her room to painting nails to a school work station set up to adventures in the backyard. I will remember your joy just being with Marta and watching movies. And Marta made a deep and lasting mark on our family when she introduced you to Chitty. That's right, we have Marta to thank for your obsession with Chitty which is still going strong over a year later. But this entry comes down to the point that we were so blessed to have a live-in nurse help take care of our family for a little while and nourish our souls.

We were playing "pop" with the cheap air mattress that didn't hold enough air to sleep on but held just the right amount  of air to launch people off. Nora is in the air heading toward the 'landing' pad. 
Marta pop! We laughed so hard. 
Can you spot Lucy?
S'more time! But Daddy put evergreen branches on the fire which smoked us out!
This is what summer evenings look like.
S'more Face Take 1
S'more Face Take 2
Let's go to the ZOO!

Lucy LOVED the animals. So excited.
My pride. 
Who poked Troy?!?!
"It was her!"
Lucy and Minnie, her love. 
Someone gave the girls olive fingers!
Mmmm delicious!
But we had to eventually say goodbye. 
Forever sisters.