Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's 2013, oh my!

Here we are in a new year. December behind us and is quite a blur. I never updated about Thanksgiving or Christmas or any holiday festivities. January is almost over.

Christmas time came, it was wonderful/ hectic / sickly / refreshing / appreciated time.

We traveled to Homer Alaska to visit Aunt Janice and Uncle Ed and Marta and Troy and Reidun. The flights out there were long and I got sick on the plane. Lucy had an anxiety attack on the plane and Nora screamed at the slightest request. We left DC at 7am and got into Homer, 11pm East Coast time, taking three separate planes. After that traveling fiasco, we drugged both girls coming home on New Years Day and I drugged myself too. I am not proud of this but it was the best $9 I ever spent. The flights home were long and tiring but we made it and I will not be stepping on an airplane again for a long long time.

I'm not very eloquent and I certainly can't explain what it meant to us that we got to spend time with our Alaskan family. Because of all the gifts we gave and received this past holiday season, none was more precious nor more appreciated than time. It's the most valuable possession we have.

Here in a few pictures is a snapshot of our trip.
Meeting Maggie and Ed.

Lucy falling in love. She gave this horse a carrot as often as we would let her.

Learning to be Alaskan.

Playing in the snow!

Snow blowing the driveway.

Catching a ride. 

Feeding Maggie a carrot  take 63

Snow Cave!!!

Swedish Candle fun.

Watching the fire.

Still my baby. 

Enjoying the fire. 

Todd Family

Playing with my purse.

Maggie... again. Seriously, this kid couldn't get enough.

Candy Land with the twins!!

Nora and I sick and napping. Wasting daylight. 

iPad sharing. 

Sleigh riding with Troy

Grandma's Wedding Dress. 

Karu! Interestingly, he is the same age as Lucy.

Winter Spit

That snow cave was HUGE! It fit Nora, Lucy, Troy and the twins! 

Happy New Year in Anchorage... in Reidun's guest bed!

Mommy and baby moose eating in the front yard.

Waving on the way to town!

She got pretty comfortable in the snow!

Road behind the house. 

Goodbye Marta... we love you!
There is so much more I want to say but the words aren't there.  Only gratitude and love. Goodnight.