Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Could it get any better than this?

I asked your father tonight: could our lives get any better than they are right now? He responded: "I sure hope so." Leave it to your pragmatic father to take my comments concretely. Of course, I hope our careers, our family grow and flourish. Of course I hope that our financial future is better than today... but if we were to stagger in every other aspect of our lives, I would still be satisfied with being your mom.

We took a walk down the ally in your radio flyer wagon tonight. Stan and Brandy came too. We enjoyed each other... laughing, chatting, enjoying each other's presence. Even the cat joined us in the ally for some fun. Our family's together. Can it get any better? Know that we are perfectly content with our world as it is right now. We are where we are meant to be. You, me, daddy, Lazer, Brandy, Stan... we make a family. Time spent together, pretending we have a dog sled team is too precious and fleeting not to savor.

(you & daddy did not get very far with a hound and an old pup forging the way)

You provide our family with subsistence. We are full because of the gifts you bring. You, Nora, make up the core of our family. Your dad and I are the foundation on which to build and grow. But right now you are our core. Hopefully that will not turn you into a spoiled brat. We will try and prevent that from happening. But know that you make our lives richer, more fulfilled. You provide our family with nourishment.
Could it get any better than our evening walk tonight? Maybe....

Having a tea party in your princess ball pit castle sure comes close.

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