Monday, September 24, 2012

Where We Are

It's hard. Being away from you two for 10 hours a day. I try to treasure our weekends and nights together. But we are all tired and very cranky during the week day evenings. On Saturday night after a birthday party and visit from grandma and grandpa and a very fun block party, I was asleep for the night by 8:30pm. You and Daddy stayed up past 9pm.  At least Lucy fell asleep before me!

Four of Lucy's molars are erupting through her inflamed gums and we all hurt. But especially Lucy who lives on eating popsicles. 

We had awesome weather and awesome friends/family at our annual MD Wine Festival. 12 consecutive years for your father and I. It was your 5th year, if you count your year in the womb. It was Mary's first wine festival. Of course Ashley and Skyler PRICE Were there to celebrate with you. This week, Skyler's adoption was finalized and he is officially Jessica and Jerry's son and Ashley's little brother. How cool!!! 

Our garden is over run with tomatoes. We didn't get many squash, a few eggplants and cucumbers and a ton of green peppers. But oh the tomatoes! Lucy will pick and eat them right off the vine. Once upon a time I knew a little beagle who did this too. 

I broke down and bought an iPad. So far I am not using it much for work, but more for play. Hopefully soon I will focus on learning how to utilize it in my classroom. Which I love my classes. I forgot how much I miss teaching and students. I think my most favorite class is my upper level tech course with two juniors. They are alot of fun and it's only the three of us! 

I wish I could be more eloquent and explain how I now stop and smell your hair and play with your little toes and breath in your soul. How I savor your hand when you hold mine. How I enjoy your sleepy breath on the back of my neck when we share a bed. How I just watch and soak up all of you. I marvel at your knowledge and giggle at your silliness. Going back to work full time has made me appreciate the wonder of you even more than I did before. It boggles my mind. 

There's so much more... but this is all I have for tonight. I am slowly figuring out our schedule. Stay tuned. 

This is what I look forward to all week!