Monday, December 30, 2013

December 2013

December 2013 came fast and now it's almost over. Today, Daddy and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. In true family fashion, we did nothing. Well, I worked. Daddy put the gutter back up which was hanging precariously from the roof. We had a shake and bake chicken and salad and macaroni and cheese. Some crescent rolls. And for the big finish a popsicle from the freezer. The party never stops here. Your father says 6th year anniversary is represented with candy. We didn't even have that! But more importantly, we are together watching the two of you run around like we live in a nut house. Time we will never have again. Time together, existing in the present with another, the most valuable commodity we have to give.  Happy 6th Anniversary Nels, I love you and couldn't imagine this ride with any other emotionless ogre.  

So December started off with almost 12 inches of snow over 3 days with ice interwoven for some slippery fun. Then 10 days after we had a few 70 degree days and everything melted. Nora, school was stressful with concerts and practices and pajama hot chocolate Polar Express readings and aftercare pizza parties. Whew. We have been on break since the 20th and it's been glorious. Glorious groggy mornings and lazy afternoons. Although Christmas Eve and Christmas and retirement parties and birthday parties have taken over the last week, we are ready to relax.... in a magical place. Perhaps some would say the happiest place on earth. 

I think I put too many pictures in this post. Sorry if your computer is still loading. I have 30 days to go over! 

Ice at the park!
We picked a tree! Hindsight, it DOES look a tad "full" aka fat. 
Daddy's cutting down the tree with a saw while we play in the snow!!
Still cutting. This sucker was heavy too when it finally fell.
Yep. Reallllllly fat. But oh so fresh and smells so good!
Cookie baking at Nonna's with Aunt Clare!
Cookie Cutter!
Roll that dough!
Hats and long johns
Lumberjack with his princess at a garden light show. No coats. 
Christmas Eve!
Nora, you are teaching Lucy how to be the "man" while dancing. 
I can't turn the picture, but Nora you wrote a letter to Santa all by yourself! It said: "Dear Santa Thank you Merry Christmas Santa HoHoHo (heart heart heart) Love Nora and Lucy" Those are some homemade cookies and milk too.
Christmas morning 7am. Nora is the first to awaken. 
Santa wrote a letter back!
First gift while waiting for the others. 
Lucy gave out the stockings and was super cute while doing it!
Stocking stuffers!

Christmas breakfast!
THE BUS! That's holding all three of them!
Teddy asked Santa for only one thing: a BUS. 
Princess dresses were worn.
Teddy's bus, Lucy loved. I mean LOVED this thing. 
An invite was found!
Nora reads it...
Follows the string all around the house....
To Mickey! He's holding the invite!

Nora gets silly!
Nora, you were excited. 
Lucy has no idea what is going on, she just loves the balloon!
Ready to go! 
Opening gifts at Grandma and Grandpa's house!
Painting with Aunt Kaarn on Christmas night. Awesome gift!
Christmas Dinner... somehow Lucy ended up at the head of the table. 
Happy Birthday Jesus! We're glad you were born!
Nonna's retirement party in the Hummer Limo!
Ice! We had to wear those parkas. Can you find Nora? Hint: look for her pink boats!
It was cold in there!
The ice sculptures were beautifully done!
Silly with Aunt Molly at National Harbor.

Playing on the Awakening at National Harbor

Happy Birthday Skyler! 
What a great show and great birthday!

This was yesterday, so now you are caught up!
On New Year's Day we leave for a week for a trip to Disney World, just the four of us. I am excited to spend time just us.

Happy New Year! I can't do the year recap posts anymore. I spent way too much time making calenders for family from last year's photos. This year's calendar was especially fun and I am done looking through folder upon folders of pictures from 2013. Bring it on 2014! We're ready to start making new memories!