Friday, February 28, 2014

And so concludes February.

So February kicked our butts. Let's do a short recap:

1st-2nd - Gymnastics fun. Going out to breakfast. We have the WHOLE month ahead of us. Let's take this at a leisurely pace. 

3rd-6th Stomach bug invades our house, starting with Daddy and quickly spreads to Lucy and Mommy, leaving Nora unscathed. And an ICE STORM hits that wreaked havoc all over town with trees and power lines down... including our own yard where our neighbor's tree fell through our fence.  

8th/9th -Robotics fun/stress / competition and brunch with childhood friends while Nora does her Valentines with Nonna for school.  

9th-17th Daddy goes to the west coast for business. Mommy doing the single parent thing.

12th-14th Crazy winter storm drops 2 feet of snow on our town. Yep, Daddy is gone during this time. 5 day weekend… 5 days snowed in. Mommy alone with a toddler and preschooler. (I was surprisingly sane at the end of it.)   

14th- Valentine's Day alone, cold and snowed in. Well the three of us were together watching another Disney movie.

15th- Aunt Katie and Uncle Kevin and Teddy rescue us from our cabin fever. Pedicures for the ladies!  
16th- Daddy gets home a day early just in time for dinner! Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

17th –President's Day / supposed to be off of school but Mommy went in to work to escape the house and actually accomplished something besides feeding and cleaning and not losing her mind.

18th – 20th Catching up on life now that Daddy is home and we are able to get out of our house. Time to go back to our routine! 

21st – 23rd – Ski Trip (mommy and daddy only) Aunt Kaarn and Uncle Cliff are able to save us by coming up for the whole weekend to watch you two. So grateful! We NEEDED this trip and it was glorious… glorious weather, skiing conditions, lots of friends, beautiful lake front / slope view accommodations and best part of all, Daddy and I actually spoke to each other instead of barking commands of what needs to get done. Chinese food with Aunt Katie and Uncle Kevin and Teddy on their return home from Florida on Sunday.

24th – 28th – It is the official end of February and we have no idea where the month has gone. But ending it with dinner with old friends at their place tonight. No cooking, no cleaning, only good conversation and memories floating around while our kids play.

Escaping the "cabin" for a few hours by trekking it to the coffee shop. 

Tree through the fence.
Happy Valentine's Day Daddy! We miss you!
Our road in front of our house is pretty busy... not when this winter storm came through. You can't even see where the road begins and sidewalk ends!
Stan had to go outside... he had to make his own way.
Midnight. The snow reflecting off the clouds made it super bright. 
Let's go to the park!

For some reason, we were the only ones there...
Bath time entertainment. 
Lucy is just amused by all these foam beard antics. 
Weekend warrior... Friday night skiing!
Saturday morning lift to the slopes.
Lucy amuses herself with dancing with a plate on her head. 
Lucy's hat kills me. 
Swinging into the foam pit!

Lucy has eaten so much snow this winter. 

Daddy relaxing in the hottube with the boys after a long day skiing. Enjoying the view of the ski slopes across the lake.
​There might be another winter storm in the works for next week... March is coming in like a lion and always out with the celebration of our little lamb. Maybe I will actually finish the Disney vacation posts before Nora turns 5 at the end of the month. HA! One can dream....