Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Here

Today is your birthday. We started out the day frosting and putting sprinkles on your cupcakes for Ms. Patti's daycare. You were dressed in a onesie that says "baby's 1st birthday."

When I picked you up from Ms. Patti, she said, "being the birthday girl suits Nora very well." Apparently you just ate up all the attention. Typical NVJ style.
We ordered pizza for dinner. You ate a piece of chocolate cake with white frosting. It got everywhere! It looked like an Oreo cake when you were done with it. You opened some presents. You got the Wonder Pets Fly Boat, a play piano and a glow worm doll. You played with them all.

I almost forgot about the balloons. You. love. balloons. Finally, you have some balloons that are all your own. You played with three balloons I got from the dollar store for a long time. You would laugh and laugh and laugh.

You are so happy. You are so confidant. You are so very beautiful. I hope you hold on to who you are. I hope I can be the mother you deserve.
You are one today. You have been on this earth for one year.

I feel ready for you to be a toddler.
I feel content in the person you are becoming.
I feel grateful for blessings you bring.
I feel humbled by the lessons you teach me.
I feel scared about failing you.
I feel excited about your party on Saturday.
I feel loved by you.

I felt your heart beating in the bath tonight. The hypnotic rhythm that I first heard so long ago. I pray we will be blessed again and again on March 25 to celebrate the day of your birth.
Because, Nora, we have a lot to celebrate!!!

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