Sunday, January 25, 2009

At least it's less then 6 weeks....

I am a bad blogger. I know this.

Our little girl is getting bigger by the day. I know this because I am getting bigger and bigger everyday. Gaining more weight means it's harder to get up from sitting, more difficult to sleep and generally makes me miserable.

On the positive note, I feel her move ALL THE TIME. Sometimes it's even hard to sleep. Last night she woke me up out of a sound sleep because she kicked my rib so hard. Sometimes she bounces on my bladder or flips around. It really is the best thing about pregnancy. I love to feel her inside of me. Even though I am getting annoyed at how big I am, I love to feel her move around.

Negative note: our bathroom is still not complete and nowhere near complete. My husband has up about half the walls. Still no floor or tile or sink or toilet! I have to trek downstairs in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Not so much fun. I am usually up around 3am and stay up until 4:30am. Maybe that's when I should blog! Most of the time I watch infomercials until I fall asleep again.

Positive & Negative note: I registered for baby things at babies r us. I thought it was good experience until I realized it was 15 pages!!! I thought I could easily edit online. No such luck. After calling the customer support and receiving no help, I enlisted the services of my mom. She was able to fix everything and now my registry is much more concise. If I had to do it all again, I should have just brought my mom from the beginning.

My next OB appointment is tomorrow so hopefully everything is still going swimmingly. Knock on wood, I have had a perfect pregnancy. No issues. Now she just has to stay inside me until her due date (March 25th) since I have SO MUCH TO DO before she arrives. Her room has nothing in it but construction tools and huge hole in the wall! Lovely. I have to get my class plans in order and get technology situation in my school in a better place. I get another U/S in February where they will measure her and determine how accurate her due date is. I thought it would be nice if I go about 9 days late... our spring break starts. What a perfect time to leave work!!! I know, she will choose her birthday, just as her father and I did. She will appear when she is ready.