Friday, March 20, 2015


First, I don't think anyone judges us. I am also not one for memes but this one is SO true for us. Especially lately. Our house is often in disarray. The endless snow days and spring break and cold temperatures, we are inside more than we are outside so our house is used, alot. And I was sort of stressing out about picking up / cleaning and feeling like I was failing as a mom keeping our house organized and put together. Then around the beginning of the month, I feel like I finally got my priorities straight. I am a good mom and my messy house proves it. It's not that important to have everything is in its place and beautiful, but spending time with you two is really important. And oh my, have we spent alot of time together over the last few weeks (remember: endless snow days and spring break). 

We toyed around with traveling for spring break. To visit great-grandma in Wisconsin. To escape for a few days to somewhere south. To just take a few days away. But we didn't. Your father worked, and we, well, did nothing. Ok, we ate, we played, we shopped, we walked, we talked we sang endless rounds of Old MacDonald and This Old Man (Lucy's current favorites). One night, after the two of you went to bed together (because that's how you roll on non-school nights), I just watched you both cuddling in your slumber and I realized my own happiness with this nothing-ness.I just appreciated you two, where you are right now in that moment. How grateful and how humble you two make me feel. We spent mornings eating strawberry cereal and I would just stroke your hair, noticing your nuances. Your long legs and beautiful body. Sometimes I thought about your infant bodies and how you are the same person just bigger. But I didn't wish for more excitement. I didn't wish away the days or yearn for days in the past. I truly lived in the moment. It feels incredible. I don't obsess about the clutter or the dishes or the laundry or the really really really messy room upstairs. I just enjoy the songs we sing, the game we play, the time we spent just talking. Now on Monday, school starts again. Hopefully, the snow days are in the past. Easter will be here in a couple weeks. Most importantly, Nora, you will turn 6 on Wednesday. We will have a birthday party next Saturday to celebrate your 6 year old self. I will have to return to planning and teaching and grading and remembering pick-up times and to helping with homework. I did do work over spring break and snow days because data doesn't go away on breaks or in bad weather. But I always worked on my own time. Now, we are returning to a schedule. I can't always live in the moment.

I thought spring break this year was going to be really boring. It wasn't. It was absolutely wonderful because by some miracle, I was able to stop wishing for something else and just appreciate what is. I finally have my priorities straight and just being your mom and being present in your lives is the most important job I have. 

Snow storm skiing! 
Great idea in theory... see the large snowflake you are about to eat?
But the snow was so thick and deep and Nora you are so light.
Daddy had to drag you down the mountain. 
Facing down the mountain, you didn't move.
You could have done black runs this day, it was so deep and sticky.
The roads were also covered in snow and driving was kinda dangerous.
We were safe in Daddy's Audi though.
I love this picture so much.
Lucy, you were always eating snow. 
How Lucy got back up the hill. Notice, Nora you are climbing up behind them!

We were sledding for hours. You two just loved it.
Deep snow, about a foot on top of about 3-4 inches. 
Daddy's co-worker gave him a snow blower! To keep! 
We did not roll this.
We simply posed for a picture by the giant random snow ball in the middle of the park which was rock solid. 
Oh yeah, before the 12 inch storm, there was an ice storm.
One of the icicles at the park.
Teddy's re-scheduled party (because of  a snow storm). 

Funny, I have no pictures of anyone else from Teddy's party but baby Chase!
I took all the party pictures on Aunt Katie's phone.
How we love us some Baby Chase! 
Praise be the iPad! It got us through many moments of  needed breaks.
Also, take notice of the massive amounts of clutter surrounding you three.  
Mischievous pretzel spill.
Please take note of the amount of pretzel salt that is on the floor. 
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
 Oh yeah, Nora, you are completely reading now. Not memorizing, but actually reading.
A budding reader but we are impressed none-the-less. 

We had to get out one day during the snow and met Daddy at Chick Fila during his lunch hour.  
Luck of the Irish. 

Our coffee shop dyed their homemade whip cream and it made us smile!

Irish festival in town. We stayed away from the bar crawl with free trolley rides around town and decided to attend the family  Irish crafts at the library! 
We also participated in the Pot-o-Gold treasure hunt around town. We "found" lots of coins to buy treasures from the leprechaun shop. 
We got a new rug for the black and white room.
It is cushy and will gather alot of hair and crumbs.
We ate far too many snacks. Most of our lunches consisted of a collection of snacks. 
A trip to obtain party favors and we find the most ginormous fake flowers ever manufactured. 
After shopping around town, we found you a great used big bike!
Yes, we rode bikes in the alley during the snow storm today.
Technically, we were only hours away from the official start of spring!
I have laughed so much lately because of you.
Lucy, you have quite the sense of humor. 
This is what you do when I ask you: "Lucy show me your dimples!"
You have figured out how to manipulate me... who am I kidding? You've known how to do this pretty much since birth. 
Here's to us spending more time together with our SIX year old daughter and potty trained 3 year old. Cheese and sprinkles, we are going to have a 6-year-old in our family soon.