Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taking a Leap

I am going to keep this short tonight. Three posts in three days... let's all clap for me! Well Lucy can b/c she learned to clap today!!! (See video at the end of the post) This follows her new ability to wave and drink out of a cup. Hooray.

When I picked you up from Ms. Patti's this afternoon, you were enthralled that today only happens once every four years. This concept is amazing to you. When I thought about it, last leap day in 2008, you weren't even in existence. You weren't even a glimmer in our eyes. Heck, you weren't even on the radar of "someday." Now four years later, you exist and are telling me that there are actually 364 and a quarter days in each year not 365, as generally assumed. Who did I give birth to?!?!

So you, Nora are two and three fourths years old and Lucy is just a plain three-fourths on your first leap year. Next time in 2016, you will be almost 7 years old and in 1st grade!!! And Lucy will be 4 going on 5. Crazy to think about.

Happy Leap Year Day my loves. Hopefully we will enjoy the next four years together.

And just because we should remember how I butchered Lu's beautiful thick hair: the pictures...

Before. She was actually crawling into things b/c her hair was in her eyes.
My heart was in the right place.

Then the blunt cut resulted in a very bowl-esk style. Sigh.

I put her hair up in pig tails to soften the blunt cut.

And the pacifier only lasted a couple days before she gave it up.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My First

I have spent alot of time lately talking about Lucy and your relationship with her. But, Nora, you will always be my first born. Your unquenchable thirst for adventure and knowledge and homework is exhausting to me but invigorating to you. Just today, in about 2 minutes I taught you how to write  the number 3. You already write 1s and 2s with pretty good accuracy. You were struggling writing 3s with those tricky curves. But motivated with a piece of sidewalk chalk, you were so thrilled with yourself and your new found talent that you spontaneously jumped up and hugged me so tight.

You asked to go outside this afternoon while I nursed Lucy into her nap. I allowed you to go outside with the door open so I could supervise from the couch. Once I put Lucy upstairs I came out to check on you. For a moment I panicked when I didn't see you. Did you fall into the pond? Did someone come into the yard and take you? Then there you were swinging on your own, singing to yourself. You looked like you could have been 6 years old. You are so independent, always have been. You are wicked smart, always have been. You are my first born, always have been. I have loved you from the moment we heard your heart beating away.

Nora no amount of toddler angst and baby jealously will change my love. Believe me, there has been alot. You are so funny, so full ideas and imaginary friends. Yes, we have had Kailee (sp?) appear and she even eats dinner with us. She eats all her chicken nuggets. You have such a rich imaginary world and can play inside that world for hours.

You love to sing and dance and count. You are obsessed with writing, drawing, matching games, patterns. You are crazy about opposites. You are proficient at letters, numbers, colors and shapes so Ms. Patti started you on opposites which you have just devoured. Now you love to make predictions while reading. You use clues from the story read to a mid way point to then predict what will happen. You have this uncanny ability to make very logical and creative predictions. Even our librarian who runs storytime was impressed. Your father keeps telling me not to be surprised by these developments. But I tell him kids your age and even older aren't even potty trained and you are figuring out patterns and making predictions! Ms. Patti and I can't keep up with the way you tear through concepts. You also have about 10-15 site words that you recognize including: mom, dad, dog, spoon, girl, Nora, toys. A few others I can't think of.  You have blown through the pre-writting to start on letters and numbers.

I seriously can't keep up. But I try. I don't think I am remembering half of what you are able to do now. Oh yes! Recently you have created a pretend language. It sounds like non-sense but you actually use the same non-sensical words each time. I get so aggrevated at you for talking this made-up language. It's obnoxious but creative too. I thought only multiples did this. Who knew a single kid would make up a whole language. Maybe I should start you on Spanish or another language known by more than just you.

Your sense of humor is great fun. You are absolutely hilarious and love jokes. We're always laughing at something usually stupid like butts (heehee). You have your likes and dislikes. You get yourself dressed / undressed. You pick out your outfits and for the last 6 weeks or so you have refused to wear pants. Instead you love to wear tights or leggings with skirts. Sometimes, you're mean to Lucy or Marta or even me. Ok, you are mean to me alot. For some reason, you feel the safest with me to fall apart.

And don't go away thinking "wow, I was a wonder-child and great at everything!" That is far from reality. I hate to break this to you Nora, but you're not very physically coordinated. Throwing or kicking a ball with aim is quite a difficult maneuver for you. You aren't the fastest or best at obstacle courses but you still give it a good try. You also become an over-emotional mess when you are even slightly tired. The whining. Oh I can't take the whining some days. Next month you'll be 3 years old. I don't know what to expect but even if I did make a prediction, I would probably be wrong. You are an endless surprise and just when I think I have you figured out you go and surprise me all over again.

You live your life with such intensity and affection that even if the slightest amount remains for your adult life, you will be one incredible grown-up. You already are one incredible kid.

You earned an ice cream cone and of course you requested: PINK!

My absolute favorite recent picture of you.

Monday, February 27, 2012


So Lucy is coming into her own. Figuring things out day by day. Just yesterday, she finally took a pacifier as a soothing tool. After thousands of hours of crying now she decides to use one. She also has been teething like crazy and after a month of symptoms we have two buds. Not teeth, just white bumps on her gums that will soon be teeth. 4 weeks of misery for buds? Hopefully the teeth will appear soon.

You and her now play purposefully play together. This morning I was awoken at 7:30am by a squealing Lucy who was getting excited by your reading stories to her. Lucy clearly knows what she is doing. She started waving hello and goodbye. She becomes so thrilled with herself her whole body tenses and wiggles and her legs kick furiously and her face scrunches up in a stinky face. Then. She snorts. It's priceless. We all get her going so she will snort for us.

Oh Lucy how we have all fallen under your spell. At first we all loved you because you were helpless and needed our affection. Now we have fallen in love because of your personality. You have become quite the charmer. Jaw wink and all (see picture of cookie eating).

In tragic news, in a moment of exasperation, I cut Lu's hair. Never again. It looks horrible. I gave my child a bowl cut. I was not thinking clearly and just did it by myself while she was crawling around. Ugh. I am trying to get a good picture of the mess I made for posterity sake. But mark my word, I will never ever cut my child's hair again. I will pony up the $20 for a professional.

And my whole "two posts a week" thing never really panned out. Maybe, if I post for the next two days, I can make some ground in February. Next month someone turns three.... oh dear.

Monday, February 20, 2012


One of my favorite parts of the day. That's all I've got tonight. But somehow it feels like enough.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Daddy won a $100 gift certificate to pottery barn from his work. Last year. Like 18 months ago... we never spent it. In fact we lost the card for awhile because you "borrowed" it for your own purse. I knew we should spend it before we lost it again. After much heming and hawing, we settled on the "Anywhere Chair" from PBK. I refused the free personalization because this an expensive kid's chair and I was not going to fork over another $100 for another one for the Lu. So in an effort to remain neutral, the chair is nameless. But, it has a bird.

I would never have bought this chair if it weren't for the gift card. However, I have to admit, it's a really nice chair. The whole concept is that it can fit 'anywhere' into your home. We put it in the living room. It didn't take very long before both of your tiny butts were snuggled in. Lucy loves to climb it, you love to lounge. Heck, I even use it for a pillow so I can warm my behind on the fire. This chair is light and airy but super plush. If I were rich and had a humungo house, I would've bought a second chair. But in our meager family, you and Lu will just have to share.

Somehow though, I think it's the sweeter deal.

And Teddy loved lounging to drink his bottle. It IS super comfy.

However, there are times when even the anywhere chair can't beat sleeping with your dogs.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Growing Up

Mommy is one happy lady today. A well rested lady. Lucy finally did it. She slept through the night in her own bed. Alleluia! Actually, I think I have you to thank, Nora. You and Lucy share a room and it's just heartwarming to see the two of you together. The first night, Sunday, we put Lucy in her crib. she cried a bit. Watching her on the video monitor, we saw you approach the crib, stick your head over the railing reach into the crib to pat Lucy and you said, "It's ok Lucy. Big sister here. Shhhh. Big sister here." I could see Lucy look up at you and she became calm for a moment (like 3 seconds). It seriously made me tear up, seeing my dreams for you two start to develop. More importantly, Lucy can see your bed from her crib. She knows you are there. She knows her big sister will protect her. Monday night we let Lucy SCREAM for 20 minutes before I sent your father up to go move her into the swing. As your father entered the room, Lucy was all of sudden quiet, you were in your bed sucking on your blanket. You simply said, "She ok now Daddy. Goodnight." And you both were ok.

Sharing a room will not always be so grand. You ask that Lucy sleep with you along with Stan and Owie (who is staying with us while Aunt Katie, Uncle Kevin and Teddy are on a winter va-ca). I know one day there will be screaming fits, needing, wanting your own space. But for now, for tonight, I will cherish the thought that you and your sister are together. I wouldn't trust Lucy with anyone else.

No matter which way you slice it, Lucy is growing up. She has come a long way from the scrawny little babe that we brought home over the summer.
Lucy started off...

Rolling on purpose. I am a little too excited about this. But she was a little behind in meeting this milestone so I was happy she was finally doing it on her own!

Crawling... started after Christmas. Around the 6th month mark.

And then... THIS.

How did I become so lucky to have such wonderful little people living in my house? An entire night's sleep sure has me singing a different tune, doesn't it? Oh sleep, how I've missed you! (Now I have probably jinxed the entire thing).

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kiss the Girl Rock!

If I am going to make my two entries a week, I have to post again tomorrow. Oh my. So this will be short.

Good news: All four of us are healthy and breathing well!
Better news: We are in the depths of a whole-house sanitation so nasty germs will stay away.
Best news: Lucy slept in her very own in crib in her very own room for the the very first time on Sunday night. This is an enormous accomplishment. BIG sigh of relief. Phewwwwwww. It only took the kid (and her momma) 7 months to figure it all out. In fairness, Lucy is currently screaming after being put to bed tonight so don't think it's all sunshine and rainbows.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure tonight: a video that was taken this past Thanksgiving. I have been meaning to post and never did. Anywho... if you have forgotten by the time you read this, KISS THE GIRL is your name for the Little Mermaid (Ariel). Becca would sing you the signature song while swinging which led us to show you the Disney movie which led to your first near-obsession with a Disney princess. The video is of you and I singing your most favorite song. Please try and ignore the hairy one on the floor in front looking like she is completely lost. jeeezzz kid, what are you almost 5 months here? get a clue!

'Sing wit me now! Shalalala my oh my!'