Monday, January 31, 2011

January Recap

The first month of 2011 is over and what a crazy one it's been! Winter can always feel like a bit of a burden with the weather and lack of sun but we have managed to stayed entertained:

Jothen Family get-togethers & play dates with cousins:

Playing tug-of-war with Stan and climbing Lazer's kingdom (which now gets you an immediate time-out).

We put you in Daddy's boots to entertain ourselves much to your distress.

We watch videos endlessly on Sesame

We practiced drinking out of real glasses.... pint glasses that Daddy "borrowed" from local bars a lifetime ago.

We played all the time. We played with Dancing Mickey, with your baby dolls and with Aunt Kaarn's stroller, we played COOKIES! with ALL THE PIECES Aunt Katie!!!

Here's to having as much fun in February! Maybe more, if we're lucky!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sledding Trauma

Not physical trauma, psychological trauma. We thought it would be a great idea to take you sledding today. The snow is nice and compact and crispy on top. Daddy said he knew a really good spot at the local community college. We got in the van with the snow tube and drove over. I thought the hill looked rather steep and long. So I sent Daddy down the hill by himself to test it. You looked on with wonder and excitement. You were ready to go! Daddy said the hill was "fine" and he would take you. I should have known that "fine" for a 200lb man would be different for a 24lb toddler.

Please note your innocent excitement before you went down the hill:

Actually, you did not freak out until it was over. I took a video but our old computer does not "do" HD video, hence the lack of videos lately. Anyway, you made it to the bottom of the hill, no problem. You freaked out as soon as the tube stopped. You were completely hysterical, in between the tears and gasps, you try to explain that you didn't like it. We understood that without you saying "I don't like that! It scared me!" over and over.

I tried to calm you down and tried to coax you into one more ride with me, only 20 ft up the hill.

I got you to sit with me, only to have you start crying all over again. We went down the hill (only 20ft) and holy cow was it fast! No wonder the 4-story hill was scary! We tried to just push you around the flat ground in the tube, although no tears, you asked to get out the entire time.

A little girl sledding on the same hill, tried to tell you it was fun. Nothing worked. We put you in the tube and pushed you back up the huge hill.

As soon as we got to the top you jumped out and made a beeline for the van shouting "go home!"

So that's how Daddy traumatized you sledding. If you have a lifelong fear of sledding, you know where it all began.

The day wasn't all bad, you told us you needed to go potty, we took off the diaper and you sat down and read some books. After the "Cat in the Hat" and "Arthur's Birthday Surprise" you actually peed in the potty! This was quite the success since you instigated the whole thing. The potty has just sat in your room, next to the bathroom door for a couple months now. You sit on it everyday night before bath time. Lately, you have asked to sit on the potty and read during different points in the day. You never "did" anything. Today, for whatever reason, it all clicked.

We are so proud of you! The potty success makes us feel less like horrible parents for the whole sledding incident.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day!

The last two days have been snow days. I usually go to work and you usually go to Ms. Patti's house. Instead we have been home together. We had a snow day last week too. It's only January, so the prospect of more snow days is likely. I am quickly running out of activties.

You were not too excited about all the bulky clothes, but once I introduced you to the wonder and fun that snow holds, you were hooked. We tasted the snow, rolled in the snow, made snow angels, went to the park in the snow and went down the slide and on the swings. You loved to stick your hands into the snow and wiggle them around. You even attempted throwing snowballs.

Now you are napping after 2 hours outside in the snow. I wish I was napping too.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting Better

You are getting better, improving each day. We are so happy that you are slowly returning to us. A favorite new antic of yours is when I go into your room in the morning or to get you up from a nap, you immediately exclaim while clutching your heart, "Mommy! You scared me!" At first I thought I really scared you, but I would make noise walking up the stairs or even talk to you through the door. No matter how much I prepare you for my entrance, you still say I scare you.
Another new expression happens when changing your diaper, no matter if it's a number 'one' or 'two' you wave your hand in front of your face as if fanning away the smell and shout "Pewwwwww!" over and over again.

You entertain us and surprise us quite frequently with your adult impersonations. Today's topic on Barney was safety. Barney held up a stop sign and began talking about it. You immediately said, "STOP! s-t-o-p" When did you learn how to spell stop?

One part of you that just gets more prominent everyday is your connection with Daddy. Oh sure you cling to me and insist on being fed cookies at all points of the day, of which you are denied. But somehow you and Daddy have this unspoken connection where the two of you just fit together. Daddy has a mini-me.

Yes, they're both sleeping while picking their noses. It's like they're the same person!!!

And yes, aunt Clare that is Nora's new favorite sleep mate. She refers to it just as "pet" and she needs it, her baby (glow worm) and blanket while sleeping.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Acute Sinusitis

It all started 16 days ago: a cold. A nasty thick goopy cold. I can't complain because you still slept like a champ with your cool mist vaporizer. You were still awesome with guests and you did not complain, too much. However, one could see you were just not yourself. Kinda like you were living in a fog. Your personality seemed muted.

The cold never really got better. You had this thick runny nose and your eyes were always puffy. Then on Friday we went out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa for Daddy's birthday and you threw-up. Not spit up but straight vomit. I handled the situation with surprising grace and for those who know me best, I did not gag once! The workers were super sweet to us and everything was cleaned up rather quickly.

We took you to the doctor on Saturday morning and you were diagnosed with a sinus infection. The vomit was associated with post-nasal drip. Our doctor said it's quite unusual for a toddler to get a sinus infection. Most of the time when a cold doesn't clear up, it will end up as an ear infection. This is just another one your quirks.

Amoxicillin was prescribed. We all know that pink bubble gum flavored, stay-in-the-refrigerator thick liquid medicine. It hasn't changed. I found it revolting as a child and have clear memories of running away from my mother and hiding in my room when it was time to take it. You love it. You swallow it all out of the syringe like it's candy. You have actually asked us for it, "Medicine? More medicine?" Quirky.

So we have survived, your first REAL sickness, not a 24 fever or teething episode. 10 days of antibiotics, well now 9 days are ahead of us. So far, so good.

We are looking forward to your complete quirky self returning to us very soon.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

It is Daddy's birthday today. He is 37. It was a work day for us so we had a modest dinner with the neighbors and had a slice of cake for dessert. You helped Daddy blow out the candle and eat the cake. How generous of you. For some reason you don't say happy birthday instead you like to exclaim "HAPPY DAY!" Another one of your quirky charms.

Obviously the start of 2011 has been hectic since we are 20 days in and this is my first update. To our one loyal reader (Aunt Molly), I will be updating all of our January adventures very shortly. But to tide you over, my favorite story:

Last week we were home together all day. I was running out of activities and you have this fascination with pictures and identifying the people you know. We went through a few recent pictures of family and friends and you were a champ with naming everyone. We stumbled upon my absolute favorite picture that I took in the hospital the morning after your birth.

I showed you the picture and I asked who was in it. You quickly pointed out Daddy. When I asked about the other person, you paused. I saw you thinking and processing. Your memory trying to trace who this little person could be. Finally, you excitedly exclaim, "Jesus!" I immediately started laughing and had to call Daddy at work to share.
Why Jesus, Daddy asked. I thought it was obvious how clever you are. What holiday just passed? Christmas... where the star is baby Jesus! The only baby you remember apparently.
I thought it was quite the compliment that you thought Daddy was holding baby Jesus. You have always had a soft spot in your heart for Daddy though. Wait, reverse that: Daddy has always had a soft spot for you. Whichever way, you and Daddy have quite the relationship and today we celebrate the day he was born and all his accomplishments in the last 37 years, including his greatest: you.