Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy Busy SPRING!

We have been so busy lately. We always have some thing to do, some where to go, some person to spend time with. Being a social butterfly you have loved our schedule. I am exhausted. Spring has arrived! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous the last few days. We have spent so much time outside, you have been quite the outdoor explorer.

Last spring, you arrived 5 days into the season.Therefore, You missed most of the beauty because you were too busy worrying about eating and sleeping. Me too. It's wondrous to watch you discover the sights and smells of the outdoors now. You think the pond is a bathtub and you insist on putting rocks, leaves and garden tools into the water, the way to put your toys in your bath. Your teeth scrap against rocks. I say "YUKIES!" or "EWWWWWWWWWWW" and you scrunch up your nose and smile. Then I try to take it from you before you stick it back in your mouth and I go, "ah, ah, ah... give it to me." You go into hysterics. You giggle and giggle and giggle. It's the best game to you.

The last three days, you have come into the house filthy. Covered in dirt, your mouth and cheeks caked in mud. You are an expert walker now, inside, that is. Outside, you are discovering some frustrations with the lopsided terrain of the grass and stone walkway. Your determination to master walking in the backyard does not falter because it's difficult. Rather, your desire to belong with all of us, to be proficient at maneuvering the cracks, divots, stones, is so incredibly strong. I am impressed with how determined you are to succeed.

You can do it Nora!!! What a summer this will be.

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