Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Family Camp

And then, in conclusion for cluster posting #3... Family camp. 3 days at Mar Lu Ridge,a Lutheran summer camp / retreat center somewhere in between Harpers Fairy and Camp David. We went with other families who subsequently became our friends and spent our days exploring, singing and celebrating God's love for us. It was renewing and comforting and just plain fun. If only every day was at family camp, it would be a stress-free life. 

Camp map
one of the labyrinths with fire circle in the middle!
Meditation spot at main camp.

Campfire marshmallows!
Sleeping together... every night in July.
Our fairy house blueprint model. Hard to see / interrupt but we worked for a long time on it!
Part of our group after evening worship on the ridge.

Oh Lu.

I know we can see your underwear Nor, but Lucy stole the camera and took this among the nonsense. And it beautifully captures you. Bare feet and all. 

Vacay with Friends

Here we go cluster post #2. We spent a week with friends in Williamsburg, VA going to Busch Gardens and Water Country and just having fun being together. We learned that you, Nora, are a thrill ride seeker. The bigger, the better. You were chasing the feeling of having your hair blow in the wind. So the ride had to be fast!. Lucy also said she wanted to ride the "big rides" but the few she could actually get on, she would go on once and then not go on again. With no line at the roller coaster, they allowed you and Daddy to go 10 consecutive times. You didn't even have to get off the ride unless you wanted to change cars. We watched a lot of shows including London Rocks that centered around Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Vacation time can be stressful and tiring but time spent just being together is never wasted. Although, your father and I have not been able to separate the two of you at bedtime since vacation when you two shared a bed for the entire week. You still sleep together every night with no end in sight. 

We certainly love Ashley and Skyler and their mom and dad too. Having good friends, best friends, to share the adventure of raising children with is simply priceless. Here's to having this much fun on vacation every year!  

That's me. It was really hot that day and I needed to cool off. 

Splash zone!
Like a hurricane!

Daddy and Nora are the second to last car.
Post-coaster high.

Some of us were exhausted by the ride home.