Sunday, June 10, 2012


We try and visit the farm as often as we can because we want you and Lucy to know, to remember, to feel the love that exists there. Great-grandma Judy's love is so special and permeates every inch of the farm. Her love for the asparagus and rubarb and swings and porches. For traditions and pictures and stories. For AMC movies and pie or cake. And coffee. For beautiful dishes and fancy roast dinners. For card games any time of day and even late into the night. For cooking together and doing dishes the old fashioned way. For fresh laundry hanging on the line. For a love so deep and rich we yearn for it the moment we drive away.

How incredible a life and yet how simple. There is always work and chores to be done but nothing so pressing that we can't take our time and enjoy the pace of a place so peaceful and fullfilling. You, Nora have known great-grandma since you were two weeks old and she came to welcome you into this world. But for Lucy, she was 10 months when she first was able to know the love great-grandma has to give. So while you ran around at the farm comfortable in a love you have known for three years, Lucy was taking her time, allowing great-grandma to hold and comfort her. Making up for 10 months of missed time.

Sometimes when life here becomes so overwhelmingly hectic and we are all on edge, I like to look at pictures of the farm to remind me of the calm and beauty that thrives there.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Being Cousins

So it's just been that kind of day. I had an entire post already written and just deleted it b/c I'm an idiot. UGGGGGHHHH.


One of the best parts of our Wisconsin farm trip was the time we were able to spend with Thisbe (and her parents). The two of you were insanely adorable / cute/ playful and sometimes you both were irritable/ whiny/ grabby/ tattling little monsters. It was quite exhausting and fun (most of the time). The two nights / three days was just enough quality time. I think as the two of you get older the "I want what she has just because she has it" syndrome will subside. Every toy, book, food, drink, experience had to be done two-fold for both you and Thisbe. God forbid one of you get something the other did not have. Big Nora had it right when she made you a quilt for your baby dolls and then gave Thisbe one exactly like it! Genius for your toddler minds!

If you look at the pictures one would think you and Thisbe had a jolly time chilling out together, walking, reading, planting flowers with great-grandma, and hugging. If you watch the videos, you will think how did their parents survive their time together? Oh the screeching! The non-stop movement! The craziness!

I wish we lived closer to Thisbe (and her parents). However, even with the time and distance between seeing Thisbe, somehow it only strengthens your relationship with her. Each visit the two of you grow closer, more fun, more like actual friends. It is heart-warming to watch. You are one lucky girl to have a cousin who is so close in age. I know the two of you will be life-long friends.

For now I will hold onto the memories of you and Thisbe as 2 and 3 year olds running around the farm in the sunshine squealing and laughing, exuding pure joy and love for life. What a great way it was to welcome in summer.

Saying goodbye in front of Uff Da Mart in Westby after a delicious Borgens lunch!

These are the quilts Big Nora made you two