Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

It has been a whirlwind weekend. We went to a birthday party, went to Nonni and Nonna's house where you spent the night without Daddy or I. You visited great-grandma and all the residents where she lives in your purple dragon / dinosaur costume. Nonna brought you home today to a very sick Mommy. I was running a fever and was generally miserable with a horrible cold.

Daddy took you trick or treating at the mall and around to all our friends' houses in Westminster. I mustered enough energy to carve one of our backyard pumpkins with you. I also dragged myself over to the Wagmans where they spoiled you with an entire bag of corn! Candy corn. But you refer to it casually as corn. Today, you wore your Halloween shirt that said "Daddy's Under My Spell" which is very appropriate.

Sorry, I am so sick and too tired to go on so here are a few pictures of your adventures this Halloween weekend.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


You love buttons. If it's a button, you must press it. I can't tell you how many times we go to the driveway to find out you opened the doors to the van with the remote buttons. It's a good thing we live in a decent neighborhood. Buttons on the TV, CD player, remotes, phones, toys. You can turn on / off all your electronic toys. If it has a button, you know how to operate it.

This includes Mommy.

I have a lot of buttons and you know how to to press each and every one of them.
You know the exact moment and tone to whine in so I will give in. You know how to look at me with your golden eyes with wonder and sorrow. You know that when you declare "no!" we will still love you. You know that we will allow you to eat your dinner in three different chairs. You know how to cry to bring out the most sympathy. You know how to push all my buttons.

James came for a visit yesterday. James had a wonderful day playing downstairs, playing in your room, going to the playground. You? You were a brat all day. You wouldn't share. You wouldn't allow James to ride in your stroller (even though you have 2), you started playing with toys you haven't touched in months, just because James was interested. At dinner with Jessica and Ashley, you couldn't stay seated. You were pushing my buttons all day. Oh the pictures tell a different story, look how sweet James and Nora look together! They hold hands going down the slide together, they hug, they play so well together. For James, yes. He was so happy and amicable. You were a spoiled brat who needed to watch an episode of the "Get Along Gang."

I wonder....
Is it just your age? Is it that Daddy and I have spoiled you? Is it jealousy of a younger, handsome man? Or is it your love of buttons? God only knows.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Daddy

Did someone mention Daddy?!?!?
He has become quite a rock star in the Jothen family household. On the days I have off, we spend our time putzing around town, going to the gym and calling Daddy. Because from the moment you wake up you start to inquisitively call out, "Daddy?!? Daddy???!! DADDY?!?!" I explain that he is at work. You still pester me until I can distract you with Barney or breakfast. As soon as you see Daddy walking up the path to the house, the high pitched squeals begin. Sometimes followed by clapping, stomping, and jumping excitedly up and down.
I admit, I'm a little jealous of this new found obsession with Daddy. But it felt good tonight when I came home late and you came running full force into my arms screaming "mommy!!!"

The Halloween parade was Tuesday night. I had no intention of you being in it until Becca came over and had this brilliant idea of a princess and dragon. We signed you up for the parade last minute and it was quite fun. It was your third parade in 6 months... not a bad average.

Finally, any good evening should be spent riding the hound around the house...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Peer Resolution

Little kids can be nasty and cruel. You are not an exception to this. I witnessed you hit a friend's little boy who's half your age in the head with this hard plastic toy. He'll be spending all day Friday with us while his parents are at work... so I'm going to have to watch you very carefully. I don't think you were being intentionally cruel but you were frustrated this blob of a person was not engaging in your play attempts. I am not sure when the transition will be made from non-intentional to intentional. I would be lying if I said I didn't worry about how other people, especially peers will treat you. I was not the most popular kid and there were times I was picked on. I was such a sensitive kid, it really bothered me. Your father remembers rarely being picked on but, he said when it did occur, it never really bothered him. Two ends of the spectrum. I think you might have inherited your father's attitude on peer relations.

There was a little girl at the library last week. We went too late for our play group and the older 3 & 4 year old were just getting out. You were playing with the many toys provided in the "Westminster Station" children's section. It was recently re-done to be a train station and there is a giant caboose with toys inside and a giant engine that kids can "drive" and play in. There you are in the caboose playing with the many toys and this bossy little 4 year old comes up and pushes you out of the way and says "no! you're not doing it right!" I waited for your reaction. Being that laid back kid, you simply moved on the next toy. She promptly pushed you again and took over that toy. This time you looked at her. I could almost see your little brain working to deduct what would happen next. Finally you grab the next toy in line, she pushed you as you had thought. Next thing I know you go into overdrive and start touching each toy quickly and you hop from one toy to the next. The bossy little girl couldn't keep up, she kept trying to say "no! you're not doing it right!" but couldn't get through the phrase before you moved onto the next toy. The little girl was almost in apoplexy. She went nuts trying to keep up with your maniac behavior. Suddenly you collapse to the ground laughing hysterically. This made the little girl laugh and your own mother who was holding her breath in anticipation also crack a smile. You were able to diffuse the entire situation. I found it incredible that your able to discern what was going on and find a solution that didn't hurt anyone.

Maybe I am looking into this too deeply. But you are definitely a laid back goofy kid who enjoys a good laugh. I hope you keep this trait because it's an awesome way to resolve the many peer conflicts you will encounter.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mmmmm Ribs

Daddy was sick today. You have a slight cold with a runny nose. I went to return some clothes I bought for you and ended up buying you more clothes. Although somewhat needed. Halloween costume is still undecided but we are looking forward to some trick-or-treating Westminster fun. This coming week is no where near as busy as last week. I am grateful.
We went out for a walk with the dogs around the Westminster duck pond. We fed them moldy bread from our kitchen. Brandy and Stan had to be kept at a distance, otherwise the ducks wouldn't come close to eat. They have a great playground with just about a million slides that you went on a million times each. Oiy!
We made a quick stop at the grocery store where we bought a few odds and ends for the week and ribs for dinner. Daddy wanted them but we didn't know you also love them. What fun... messy fun, but fun all the same.
Oh and I made a pineapple dream dessert that we all enjoyed, it looked like a pile of lumpy mush, I forgot to take pictures. It was sticky fun.

Another week starting and everything is status quo.

And, I know you need a haircut but I am having a crisis on whether or not you should be given bangs. Besides having childhood bang tragedies, I am more concerned with the upkeep. Apparently you have to trim bangs very frequently and from the previously stated bang tragedies I refuse to cut any person's bangs. It must be left to a professional. I am not sure we are up to a bimonthly trips to the hair dresser. I'm glad this is the only drama going on right now. Bangs or no bangs? It will probably be a split second decision when you are sitting in the chair and one has to be made.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


October has been a month of survival for me. Surviving barely at work which tends to be demanding in October and January. October ends next week and I am breathing easier. Halloween seemed so distant and now it is coming too fast! Then the other holidays will quickly follow both exciting and tiring. We still don't know what you will be for Halloween. Maybe a dinosaur or dragon or something that roars. You have an excellent roar. There is a Halloween parade on Tuesday night that you might march in... undecided. Doesn't it seem like our town has a parade every month? Just about. The next one after Halloween is the Christmas lights parade, always a crowd pleaser.

Point? I really don't remember.
Oh yes! Halloween costume for you is undecided but we have them for Brandy and Stan! Brandy is going to be a banana split. The banana head piece is priceless!

And Stan will be... what else!?! A hotdog!

Life is calming down for me. But not you! Today we went to a housewarming party for friends in town. It was wonderful to only drive 5 minutes to go hang out with friends. Anyway, they had a moon bounce for the kiddos. You went in reluctantly. Lately, you have not enjoyed moon bounces. But this one lured you in and at first you couldn't stand up (I think this made you uncomfortable in the last couple of weeks when you have been in a moon bounce). Somehow you worked past this and before long you were having a great time crawling around, laughing with the other kids and playing games. We got out to eat and then as soon as you were done you exclaimed, "bounce!" Off you ran to the moon bounce to jump back in. We only stayed a couple of hours but by the time we left you were able to walk around and bounce up and down on your own two feet! I found this amazing. You really worked hard to bounce the "big girl way" and you tried and failed multiple times. You figured out to use the side netting to help you steady yourself even when the boys were doing tackle attacks. I am impressed at your perseverance. The last few weeks when you have encountered a moon bounce, you just refused to try and it was clear it made you uncomfortable. Something in you today pushed you figure it out and face the uncomfortableness. Your father and I were proud of you.

We also went to Becca's field hockey game and it was senior night. Since Becca is a senior, she was honored. We made a giant sign that said: "Raise your sticks to #9" You added the Nora touch with some glitter and scribbles. It was perfect as we spent the cool evening cheering on the Winter Mill Falcons to a victory! You caught a ride from Mr. Kevin on the way back to the car after the game.

No matter the daily stress we experience in traffic and demanding bosses and making dinner and cleaning up it always seems so irrelevant in times like that. Spending time and energy with neighbors, friends and family is just way more important than anything else the universe can throw at us.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Daycare Saves the Week

I need inspiration. Trying to survive this week and be a good mom to you. Thank goodness for Ms. Patti. Daycare is a place I know you are learning and growing and becoming an even smarter Bean than what you already are. I thought it was odd when you found one of our miniature American flags and walked around the house waving it as if you were in a parade saying flag over and over. Come to find out you say the Pledge of Allegiance during preschool time at daycare. That's where you learned the word flag! Now you make sure to point out every American flag we pass.

What I'm trying to tell you is most of things you are learning are absorbed at daycare. Somehow in the preschool environment where there is a class and songs and books you soak it up. You are the 'resident librarian' at daycare. Books are your speciality and you are in charge of putting the books away and organizing them and giving them out. What 18 month old likes to play librarian? It seems weird to me but hey! if you love books, we'll support that. If you like school, we won't complain. All of your advanced skills are only icing on the cake for our daycare experience. For us, the most important part of daycare is having Ms. Patti to count on and help us keep things together, especially on some weeks when it seems like we have an impossible mountain to climb.

This weekend was spent with family and friends. We were fortunate to see all the grandparents, Aunt Kaarn and Uncle Cliff, Aunt Clare and Mr. Nick and mommy's friends from middle school! Ashley too! Now the work week has begun and it's a busy one. I don't want this time with you to slip away but I need the week to go by fast so work can calm down too.

Maybe if you are good this week, we'll go back to grandma and grandpa's house where they built you a swing just like daddy had when he was little. You almost were able to move it by yourself!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our Two-Year Old

Its been awhile. It's also been a crazy two weeks. Daddy left on a business trip leaving me to do the single mommy thing again. I went away for a girls weekend at the beach leaving daddy and you. My work has exploded since our principal left to take another job. I am exhausted just thinking about the last couple of weeks. We have some catching up to do.

October 1 you went for 18 month checkup. Exciting since it was your last baby visit! No more wellness visits every 3 months. Last of your infant vaccinations were given, you graduated to the 'big girl scale' and the doctor told us you were developmental two.


He explained to your father and I that all your developmental markers were about 6 months ahead of schedule. If he hadn't know you since birth, he would have guessed you were just a really tiny two-year old since you aren't even close to 50% for height / weight of an 18 month old.

Although he did warn us "not to call Harvard or anything" because that was our next move, of course. The doctor said your gross motor, fine motor and speech are just very well developed, on the level of what they expect to see a two-year old to be able to do.

Who knew?

Ok, I had an inkling when you started counting and identifying opposites. I really didn't think that was too normal for your age. You love to count to 10 and those later numbers 8-9-10 are just the best! Up-down, hot-cold, open-close concepts you have mastered.

Your language skills are the ones the doctor was most impressed with. "How many words can she say?" I asked with or without prompting? He said both. In the hundreds. Almost everything you say she can repeat. But words she uses without prompting in her working vocabulary are between 75-100. Your father argued it was well over 100. The doctor responded: "I was only looking for 7."


She also talks in sentences. The doctor then re-iterated that you demonstrate advanced language skills. He then told us that language skills are the best indicator that a child is developing happily and healthily. All those language skills you use are just a manifestation of your well being. Who knew?!?!
We are quite proud and when those other mommies at the playground state "she must be two" b/c before we went to your appointment we got this at least once a week. I can now say, developmentally she is!

So what are we going to do with with our developmental two year old? The logical next steps: homework and potty training! That's right, Ms. Patti is now giving you homework each week and the potty training is going to begin once mommy's school isn't falling apart anymore. I bought you princess and puppy panties at the beach last weekend. Separate pairs because having princesses and puppies on the same pair seems very overwhelming to a new potty user.

Finally we got a new camera to replace our broken one. We like it very much, almost as much as we like you.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Molly!

Aunt Molly was part of the first generation of Barney followers 20 years ago! Now its your turn to carry on the Marcot girl Barney tradition. Soon you'll be wearing the Barney hat, shoes, the entire outfit! Maybe Aunt Molly will share hers....