Monday, May 12, 2014

Every Mom's Birthday

Oh my Mother's Day. 

I twisted my ankle at school while teaching an aerospace / rocket launching lesson on Friday with my upper school students. Right before the pre-K Mother's Day Tea. Oh I went to the tea and to the dentist afterward with a hugely swollen ankle. I finally made it to urgent care where x-rays were taken (no fracture or break) and a brace and crutches were given. This is not how I wanted to spend mother's day weekend.

Nothing is how I ever plan or think it will be. It just isn't. Sometimes it's better, sometimes it's worse. Most of the time, it just is. How things were meant to be. I don't have a strong faith in allowing life to simply happen around me. I try to control our lives but the more I reflect the more I realize, we just are. The four of us. The two of you. The one of me. 

Don't get me wrong, effort is important. But the process of us as a family is even more important. Just being us, being who are and living with what has unfolded is both ridiculously hard and a beautiful blessing. So I didn't allow a nasty bruised twisted ankle to prevent our "celebration." I won't allow comparisons and what should have been to enter into our process. 

We make mistakes, we are messy. Some of us are not potty trained, some of us are not empathy trained. Sometimes we are silly, sometimes we are angry. Sometimes we want to watch and sometimes we want to play. 

So this mother's day, as you said Nora, "It's like celebrating all mommies' birthdays on one day." we celebrated the best way we could by just being us. As messy and imperfect as ever with food and family and gardening and always lots of laughter.

Because perfection? It's boring and it isn't us.

after dinner dancing. 

Rainbows on faces.

Mother's Day Tea: Nora you made the most delicious ants on a log. Mmmm mmmmmm.

Nutella and apples. Somehow the apples were all eaten and we were left with a pile of warm nutella. 

Planting our veggie garden after a rain storm.


Oh Lu.
You get by with the "cuteness" way too much.
Only one plant left... the watermelon which I think will fail but we all know how well my plans work out...

Before I know it, you two will be grown, calling me from somewhere else. Another life.
I will try to cherish today where you two call me over and over and over again (and again).  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Easter Celebrations

Easter weekend came and went very quickly. We spent another Easter in St. Michael's at Teddy's weekend house. Although Easter day was blustery and cloudy, the Saturday before was beautiful. We spent the day Easter egg hunting at the local Elks club, playing on an awesome playground and just having fun being together. I love spending time with Teddy and his parents and family. Treasured memories and time spent together. Nothing more valuable. Sunrise service at the Maritime Museum on the water. Bald eagles in the sky. Eggs in the garden. Swinging from the trees. Afternoon walks. Family playtime. Brisket in the oven. Laughter. Full hearts. 

Waiting for the ball to be thrown!
LUCY! You are suppose to be hunting EGGS! Not picking flowers!!
Then I melt and feel bad I told her not to pick flowers. 

Not sure what I love more, Lucy or her adorable shadow on the ground.
Add we should have re-thought the hot pink Easter heels (wedges) for playground fun as Nora walks across the beam.
But in a moment that melted my heart, Nora, you saw Lucy too scared to cross so you grabbed her hands and walked her across all while encouraging her. It was inspiring. 

Dying Eggs!

Sunset on the dock.

What a view! How could you not get ready for the Resurrection!
Easter morning goodies!
Teddy's Mimi gave you a Stencil set. 5 yr old heaven!!
Nora- you took this picture, so I adore it for that reason. This is how you saw us on Easter morning on the dock. 
Who needs a playground when you have a hammock?
But someone needed to push you three.... 
Easter morning play!

Future star athlete!

We played hide and seek. I bet you can't find Lucy. She had the best hiding spot. 
Egg hunt!!!

Teddy gathered the most eggs! He was an egg hunting machine! Like his mother...
Sweet treats and the "Easter bunny" added dollar treats too!

18 dyed eggs = egg salad with Aunt Clare.
High five!
Easter dinner on the deck and nothing is more entertaining than the napkin floating down into the yard.