Monday, March 25, 2013

Then She Turned 4

Oh my love. Today at 3:59pm, you turned 4 years old. 4 years you have blessed our family. 4 years seems like such a long time yet so short. 4 years. 4 years. I can't believe it. 4 years. 

You had a huge (bigger than I imagined) party yesterday but all weekend we were both under the weather. Today was a snow day! First time ever there has even been snow on the ground on your birthday, let alone a storm on your birthday. It was weird. We had spring toys out to play with in the snow. Great Grandma Judy got to go to your birthday party as she is out here visiting. Perfect timing. 

Today you had a fever. You were cranky and tired from the weekend festivities. In fact, your father tried his hardest to get you to go out to dinner or go for some ice cream and you wouldn't get off the couch. You slept, you whined, you were miserable. On your birthday. But it is only a day and we can stuff ourselves with left over cake (omg the cake was insane!) and ice cream. Another day we can play and dance and celebrate you. Tonight though, as your father and sister and Mary went with the Wagmans to a soft opening of a friend's restaurant, I got to stay home with you. And remember. To remember 4 years ago when I met you. When I held you and comforted you.Tonight I was able to hold my baby again, to comfort you, to take care of you. Our time together is not usually spent like this. Is it bad I treasured it? I enjoyed it even. On the night of the anniversary of your birth, I get to hold you again as you nuzzle in under my chin, just as you did, not so long ago. 

What an adventure it's been my Nora. I can't wait to play and see what a wonderful young girl you are maturing into. But tonight? I will cherish my role as your mother and  know how blessed I am I get to hold you and love you for another night. 

You don't look too miserable. I'm just a really good photographer!


It's a count down: 


The night of March 25, 2009 

I will update about the massive party and all the fun new toys and experiences we have been blessed with. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Slipping By

Time is just slipping by. I thought Lucy needed to be evaluated for speech and was in the middle of getting a consultation together and then just one day this week, she started talking. Still hard to get two words together but she is combining her signs and speech, so I am satisfied for now. Just yesterday she clearly said, "Home, please!" This is exciting since we have been frustrated since none of us can communicate with Lucy, but you, Nora. Somehow you always know what her jibberish means. 

Nora, your birthday party is this Sunday and I am not ready. No where near ready. Good thing we went with a bounce place again (different from last year since that one has closed) and it is suppose to be a hassle free party. We'll see. I am crazy busy at work. A good kind of busy. I love it there. I love the faculty and students and staff and my bosses. I love my partner. I am truly happy there. It is crazy to think about where we were a year ago, heck a little over six months ago.  Not that I wasn't happy being a stay at home mom, but I love love love working with these middle and upper school students. They are incredible. I am blessed and you two are blessed because I'm happy. Tired some nights, but happy. We play in the backyard and read book after book and go to the library and peruse the selection together. We cook together and play doctor, horse, tea party and have so much fun playing. Oh how we laugh! But I don't have time to party plan effectively. I don't have time to garden or clean the bathrooms each week. But I always always always have time for you two. Your father and I are working hard to provide you with love, structure and appropriate adventures. Yeah for swim lessons! 

Someone is turning 4 on Monday and the time, it is slipping by. No matter how much I try to hang on, to take in each moment, each sleepy breath in the mornings, each snuggle and rousing singing dinner prayer, I cannot hold onto them for very long. They slip away and a new day and new adventures await. 4 years old. Wow. Changes. 

And maybe I am nostalgic writing this post because VH1 is playing Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze just said his famous words, "no one put's Baby in a corner." Certainly not my babies. What strong and beautiful girls you are turning out to be. "I've had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you..." Ok, ok, I'll stop now. 

VJ Cookies... the best part is licking the leftover  batter!
Daddy is wearing the kids Stars Wars apron.
The mixer still lives and is loved since 1984.
Book Fair Fun!

Aunt Kaarn coat. A favorite.
Always the goofball.
All done! 
She eats globs and globs of sour cream. Straight up.

Wild and crazy girls.

They found the sunglasses and pretended it was sunny... we hadn't seen sun in days. I am guessing they missed it.

So Dirty Dancing is over and it is time for me to go to bed... lots of weekend adventures await!