Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer of Family

The summer of 2015 is almost over. Another few weeks until the reality of 1st grade and PreK will hit us in the face. A few more lazy weeks by the pool or backyard playing. Heat and wet mixing together. But even with the summer not over yet, this one will go down in Jothen-girl lore as the summer of family. The summer where you, Nora and your sister sometimes, lived and loved with family. Marta and Troy (and Finn too!) in Washington state, with Aunt Kaarn and Uncle Cliff in Virginia with Nonni and Nonna and my sisters in South Carolina. With Great-Grandma and Big Nora on a farm in Wisconsin. With Grandma and Grandpa and your aunts and uncles and cousins. Surrounded by love. Surrounded by noisy, messy, sometimes disorganized, family. With planned activities and time to just sit and doodle. With shopping trips and adventures following Larry in Seattle. With beach mornings and sunset walks. With museums and zoos and aquariums. With camps and songs and lots of eating.

It wasn't always easy (or cheap!) to get to the places we needed to be. But being with family, knowing family, understanding and loving these people we share names with is so so so important in life. These are the people who ground you and are the place from your story begins. You are the bridge to the future to the next chapter and the continuation of the story. You both are so very loved and cherished by your father and I. But also by a whole host of people and we were able to play with alot of them this summer. You both are blessed beyond measure with a richness of love and family that cannot be replaced.

My wish is you always know your family. You connect, you visit, you call (or text) and you find your roots. And you always always always have time for each other.

Aunt Katie's dream catalog photo shoot. Coordinating outfits. I won't mention the price of these outfits at Southern Belles. 
Nonna's heaven. 
A Southern Belle and her daddy. 
I love this photo of our family. For some reason, it is just us. Nonni being, well Nonni. Teddy and Chase looking in the exact same spot. Nora's arms and Molly's hair. It all just fits. 
We tried.... and failed. 
Ignore the spots on the lens... the camera tripod took a face-plant into the sand, right before this photo. 

You two are going to "officially" have another uncle soon! EXCITING!! But in reality, he's been your uncle for a very long time already. 

Wisconsin Farm trip! I'm glad other members of the family will play with me. 

Daddy walking his Grandma around her farm. 
Great-grandma and her boys. 
Blurry but it was such an authentic moment when you came walking in helping great-grandma, I was glad I could get a picture! 

God Bless Aunt Kaarn for sleeping in the camper for a girls sleepover. 

The entire trip to Wisconsin was worth it for moments like this that were spontaneous and so filled with joy. 

Relaxing by the fire with Aunt Kaarn
TWO Noras! Both in purple (not planned)!
Love love love. Sisters.