Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31st

How is it already New Years Eve? What happened to 2011? Christmas was exhausting. Or it could have been the three day trip to NYC after Christmas or the 5 parties or trying to celebrate your father and I's 4th wedding anniversary in there somewhere. Sigh. I try to keep up but then life just gets in the way. Oh and throw in someone in our family being sick for the entire month of December and here we are. 2012 is upon us. I haven't really thought much about 2012. 2011= preparing and dealing with Lu. 2013 is when I will begin planning to return to work. But 2012, I have no idea. As for right now, it will be the only year I will go without a "real" paycheck. My paycheck will be in hugs and snuggles. Gag me.

I think I will remember 2011 as the year of THE LU. Because Lucy is ALL consuming right now. God love you Nora, you are so very independent. You always have been. You learned to crawl at 4.5mo and that was it. Goodbye, mom. This one? Lucy? She is a clinging ball of terror. I can't handle her and her clingy-ness. For everyone else she is a doll. Figuratively and literally. For me? An absolute terror. Lucy played by herself for almost an hour today in your father's care. I enter the room and make one small peep. Her head POPS up from her quiet time play and immediately you can see the lower lip quiver. The arms go up and the screaming begins. If I am in the room, I HAVE to be touching her in some way or she will have a complete, utter breakdown. On some level, I am amused by her fondness for me. But mostly I am just really annoyed. Super annoyed that I cannot accomplish anything without this lump attached to me in some way. Or I just have to deal with her screaming. I can't deal with the screaming. She loves to nurse. She loves to grab me and my boobs. I have cuts all over my boobs from her grabby hands. I am being abused by my 5 mo old daughter.

OH I didn't know how well I had it with you as a baby. I always wanted a BABY not some freak-of-nature-super-advanced kid who never needed me. Now I have this crazy-sensitive, OVERLY needy baby who only wants me. Who needs to be constantly comforted by me. Who is always looking for attention. Sigh. The grass is always greener...

I could do a picture montage of the year, but I am lazy. Lazy, running out of time, coughing up a lung and my boobs are killing me from a certain someone pinching me. Maybe I shouldn't be complaining while ending the year since our family has been so blessed but I'm just not in the mood. Here's to a great 2012! We shall ring in the new year with what else?!? PICTURES!!!

From NJ's Liberty State Park: see the new world trade center? Right next to Daddy's head! Not complete yet!

At Ellis Island finding my great-grandma Concetta Ricci Marcotrigianio (your great-great grandma)

From Ellis Island right next to great-grandma's name. Her name has a good view!

Cafe Roma in Little Italy

NY Pretzel

Good morning NY!

Teddy's morning smile

Nora Christmas morning

great-grandkids with great-aunt Lucy.
Aunt Molly and Clare with Teddy and the Lu.

Central Park Rest

Central Park Zoo with Aunt Molly
Swinging in Central Park

Climbing the rocks in Central Park with Nonni

Nora, you were a better climber than me
Playing with i-pods Christmas morning

Obession with play nativity set

We love playing doctor- thanks to Marta!

Loved watching NY traffic

View from the club level at the hotel. We travel in style with Aunt Katie and Uncle Kevin!
2011 is the year where I gave you the world's most precious and yet at the same time, most annoying gift: a sister to share your life's adventures with!

Your welcome.

Monday, December 12, 2011


December hit and it has been a slippery slope of disaster. It started on the 1st when Brandy went to heaven. It was hard. Hard on you and Daddy and Stan. Lucy and I are holding up well. Daddy is very sad, you are confused and Stan is just plain lonely. Yesterday, you asked me if we were going to see Brandy in church. I think I followed your reasoning: Brandy went to heaven to live with Jesus, church is where Jesus lives. It's somewhat interesting watching you deal with death from a being who lived full time with us. Stan sleeps with you every night now. I think it's a comfort to him and you.

Lucy spiked a fever. Low grade. She kept tugging at her ear and had this dry cough. I decided to take her to the doctor. I dragged you along even though you had no fever, your throat was swollen and had a wet cough but no ear complaints / tugging. You both get checked out by the doctor and you BOTH have right ear infections. How is that possible?!?! I asked, completely baffled. They have opposite symptoms! Apparently ear infections can present differently. Alrighty... now you both are on antibiotics twice a day. Add to that Daddy's case of bronchitis with a severe sinus infection and wa-la we have three-fourths of the family on medication.

Then if being sick / loosing the dog isn't bad enough we wake up on Friday with NO HEAT! NO HEAT! IN THE HOUSE! Suffice to say we got the wood stove roaring and after having the repair man here... it's still broken! We are waiting on a motor or some part to make it work again. So we are confined to the living room with the wood stove or the bedroom with a room heater. GREAT! With three sick people. Makes me sick in the head.

Not to complain but then you and Lucy are not able to take a decent Christmas photo together. Do you know how frustrating it is trying to get an infant and toddler to pose together for 5 minutes? I just about lost my mind yesterday and I didn't get "the one." Heck, I didn't even get one in focus where both of you are looking in the same direction. And Lucy's hair is more crazy than usual. I think a haircut is somewhere in her near future even if it breaks my heart. OH WELL! It could be worse... I could be trying to do this photo shoot with sick kids and no heat... oh wait....

Ok, ok, OK! Even with the train wreck December has been, I am very excited for Christmas and so are you and Lu. We have seen Santa twice. Once at the church Christmas Bazaar and once at Daddy's work event on Saturday. Each time you are very particular and will only hold Santa's hand. You will under no circumstances sit on Santa's lap. You are obsessed with candy canes and absolutely love Christmas lights. So does Lucy. I think this Christmas is going be fun with the two of you. And it already has been!

Nothing can change the love I have for you and your sister. Sick or not, heat or freezing, or missing a part of our family. There are so many worse things that could happen to us. I am grateful that Brandy is no longer in pain, our heat will be fixed and our good health will return. Now if I could only capture that perfect picture....

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Giving Thanks

I know it's almost a week after Thanksgiving but you know there are these two little beings who have taken up residence in my house wanting my attention 24/7.

Let's just get this out of the way, I am thankful for my family, friends, life, the roof over my head, good health, being able to stay at home and raise the young-ins. I am very much thankful and these things humble me on a daily basis. In fact, when I loose my sh*t after the 15th episode of Team Umizoomi, I feel guilty for not being more grateful for the beautiful life that I live. Oh the guilt for not always being 100% thankful, 100% of the time.

Moving on... in my 2011 Thanksgiving post, I am going to proclaim my thanks for those little things that I sometimes breeze over because poop is up the hairy one's back or I am trying to gather the troops to actually make it somewhere, somehow on schedule. Learning to treasure those moments of insanity because before I know it, it will all be over.

I am incredibly thankful...

For the ability to always enjoy a good dessert.

For taking time to walk with Nona & great-grandma

For witnessing first experiences like the wonder of Christmas lights.

For Jacques the Peacock who keeps a certain someone occupied for more than 30 seconds.

For getting near Santa without tears

For Best Friends

For the cutest dimples in the world.

For hikes together

For the magic, splendor and horror of a daughter- x2!

For helping hands and awesome hair styles

For favorite blankets that look like bathroom rugs

For calm moments, pondering our place.

For delicious toes

But most of all for laughter and being together.

Happy Thanksgiving my little Nora-bean and Lu-bear. How deeply thankful I am for your presence in my life.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ashley's Promise

I know I promised to update and get caught up before Thanksgiving. Especially since we have had some amazing Thanksgiving adventures with family and friends and more are to come tomorrow at the Festival of Trees. However, as promised to Ashley, who loves my video production skills, I am posting a video of a rousing round of ring-around-the-rosy. Try saying that 5x fast!

We all know that you and Ashley are BFFs, mainly because Jessica and I are best friends. But. BUT! Recently, the desire to be together and play is not prompted by either Jessica or I. You two have developed a relantionship and better yet, a friendship, completely seperate from the proding of your moms. Your constant badgering of when / where you will get to see Ashley is evidence of this friendship. I am so glad that you love Ashley so much.

Here are some pictures of our last playdate with Ashley and her little brother, her dad, her dog and her very kind & gentle kitty, Logan. Ashley- please scroll down for your video!