Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Difference A Month Can Make

Besides the obvious weather changes, we now have someone living in our house who is 6. 6 years on this earth. We won't even bother trying to figure out how that happened. AND! We have someone living in our house who poops in the potty all the time and does not use a pacifier! Now THAT deserves a celebration!

After spending 8 days as a single parent while Daddy works on the west coast, I am reminded how easy it is to forgot or look over the small changes. All of a sudden you look taller, more mature. You start conversations with "I would suggest..." And I find you reading and writing all on your own accord. It is easy to get lost in the day to day activities of eating (and preparing and cleaning up), trying to sleep without a paci (we're all in this together, especially when one of us is screaming, keeping the others up), and washing our body parts (and hair, oh dear Lord, the amount of hair to manage).  

I can become a drill sergeant yelling orders to get us out of the house on time to make it to daycare on time to make it to class on time and I am driven by a tight schedule all day in order to pick up from daycare on time and get everyone fed and cleaned and to bed on time because there is testing in the morning. Then there are days like yesterday and today. When we spend the afternoon at the park or we walk around town, going to piano lessons and a girls lunch. No schedule to keep and our time is our own to ponder and wander and explore.  Where I can really watch and appreciate your beautiful spirits and then I am inspired to write it down so you will know that I can really see what a difference a month can make. 

Happy Spring, my loves.