Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blame it on the Norwegian-Swede & Fate Too

Many people who will be reading this blog already know about our lives. My husband and I got married in a beautiful, semi-private ceremony on December 30, 2007 and we celebrated on New Years Eve 2007. 2008 had been a pretty uneventful year, we were newlyweds, liked to use our new skis, go on weekend getaways to visit friends and play around where we live. We enjoyed spending time with the dog and cat. I love that damn cat too much. Then our Alaskan vacation happened in July. My husband lived with his aunt and uncle and 2 cousins in Alaska, on and off for about 5 years. He loves it up there: the fishing, the cold weather and most of all his family. There is a very special bond that they all share. We got to visit them in the summer of 2007 and again in 2008. His favorite aunt even came out for our wedding! It was quite a treat to have her at our ceremony and celebration! LONG STORY SHORT: Alaska 2008 turned out quite different than 2007. We came home with an extra person. Yup, we found out I was pregnant. Leave it to the Norwegian-Swede to have super-power Viking soldiers to IMMEDIATELY complete their mission. We barely had time to think about the possibility of a new family member before his Norwegian-Swedes made contact. Yesterday, I officially started my second trimester!

Ok, OK! I can’t blame it completely on him. I am a strong believer in fate. I know God gives us the blessings we have and it’s all a part of a larger plan. After we found out about the baby, we backtracked to the “incident” and discovered something truly incredible. The day I conceived our baby is the same day that my baby, Hillary died. I conceived a new life just as one, very important life was taken from my family. To me, our baby is a gift, a blessing that is no less than a miracle. I am always awe-struck at the ways in which God unfolds his plan. So this blog is dedicated to the memory of my Hillary, who for 15 years gave me unconditional love and inspiration in preparation for a baby of my own.