Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Because I am not feeling that creative these are pictures from the last year. I couldn't include everything or everyone so I decided to focus just on you and how you've grown. Oh Nora how we appreciate your presence in our lives. Thank you for an incredible year and here's to a repeat in 2011! We love you so much.

January 2010- You start walking and lots of snow keeps us inside.

February 2010 - even more snow and one picture had to include Reidun, it seemed like she was just here and at the same time her time with us went by in a blink of an eye.

March 2010 - Happy 1st Birthday!

April 2010 - Easter!

May 2010 - Finally consistent warm weather.

June 2010- Summer Begins!

July 2010 - Wisconsin and Carnival Love

August 2010 - we got to be California girls, if only for a couple weeks!

September 2010 - 18 months of you.

October 2010 - Autumn finally arrives!

November 2010 - Giving thanks for all our blessings.

Decemember 2010 - Look how big you are!

Happy New Year Nora!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas has come and gone. This week is suppose to be one of vacation and rest but somehow we always over-schedule it! So to re-cap our Christmas 2010 what better way than in pictures!

Christmas Eve morning started with brunch to celebrate Nick, our neighbor's 21st birthday!

Christmas Eve mass was spent at the Baltimore Basilica where your father and I were chosen to bring up the gifts!

Christmas Eve dinner started off with some pretty serious praying and ending with some light piano playing and Skyping with cousin Thisbe and family!

Christmas morning was everything to be expected with you: excited squealing, arm waving, dancing, clapping and your overall joy was contagious.

We ate the traditional Marcot Christmas breakfast, minus VJs famous sticky buns... maybe next year.

On the 27th, we celebrated Nonni's retirement. Aunt Katie and Uncle Kevin surprised us with a limo to take all of us to Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington DC. Delicious! To top off our evening, we visited the national Christmas tree in front of the White House.

Today, Decemeber 30th, your father and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary with no cards or gifts or fancy dinners (in fact we ate left overs!). We did however visit Gettysburg military national park with Nonni and Nonna and Uncle Bill. Fun times, even when everyone fell asleep on the way home!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On Your Own

Oh Santa.
Is it wrong of me to want a picture with you and Santa? Your first experience with Santa this holiday season was at our church. I was not there since I was working that Saturday. However Becca and Daddy took you. Apparently you were excitedly pointing and waving at Santa but then when it was time to get close, you had a melt down and you were only being held standing next to Santa. You never even had to touch him!

Nothing could console you, except the candy cane they give you when you leave.

I was somewhat annoyed that I was not included in this trip to see Santa. However, I got my chance to take you to the mall on Friday with a friend to see Santa. I prepared you for the visit with books and discussions and pictures and a TV show that all focused on how fun Santa is. Again you were excited to go and see Santa but as soon as we turned the corner and he was sitting there is his big green chair, you freaked out. Screaming fit. Oh well, take the picture I told them. I guess she is not ready for Santa this year.

We were paying and getting out things together. You intensely watched another little girl around 4 years old jollily skip onto Santa's lap and chat it up. Santa was ho ho hoing an the little girl was smiling, you were watching this exchange. The little girl finished and Santa was alone waiting for his next visitor when all of a sudden I looked down and you weren't next to me. In a moment of panic I started to spin around looking for where your little legs took you. I saw you at the last place I thought you would ever go... Santa. On your own you had decided to give him another go around. The photographer was gracious enough to snap another picture and swap it out. Now I know you aren't sitting on his lap and not even close to smiling but you went to him all by yourself.

Once the picture was taken everyone cheered including the photographer and Santa and even some families waiting in line. You came running up to me with your arms outstretched with an enormous grin on your face. It was obvious that you were proud of yourself and this very big accomplishment.

I am again reminded of your fierce independence and how I can only give you some coping tools but when and how you will live and experience is all up to you. I am so proud that you took a chance and went to meet Santa all on your own.