Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Data Data Data

Someone once told me data is the second most important thing we own in our lives. The first is our health. We never want to loose either.

My hard drive crashed. Or rather, it crashed into the floor from the couch. I have been trying to recover the data 750GB worth of documents, pictures and videos. Yes, we have a backup that was last run in February. So before your 6th birthday and our family beach trip. All my iPhone photo backups... how much is it worth? I won't lie, I've been devastated. It looks like a hopeless cause but your father won't give up quite yet. And I don't want to pay $1700 to have the data restored.

I also have this blog backup. Pictures, memories, stories. It makes the recent data loss sting a little less. I wish I would have uploaded and written more here. I say this all the time and then nothing happens. Today, I was literally scheduled for 3 events at work that all ran from 9-10:30am. I can't be at all three. That's my life, I always 10 things going on and keeping a memory log of where were are isn't a priority. But now, since the loss all my primary data, I more driven to remember. To post. So I have someplace to look back and know we were here in the trenches of childhood together and we smiled and laughed alot. That's what I want to remember.

Go back up your data now (if you have data in the future like we do now and have to keep it safe from corruption). It is so precious and important, you have no idea, until its gone. Some photos from my phone to tide you over as I fight with my hard drive to release the data from its corrupted prison. As I said to my friends, there should be a patron saint of data recovery. For now, I will have to use St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, until the Vatican can get back to me on my request.

Love you both and I love summer with you two, data or no data.

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