Saturday, January 31, 2015

Carpe Diem

I wish I could write more here. Not for me but for you two. I want you know your stories, the love, the struggles, the mundane. January can be mundane, long, dark, cold days. Alot of people complain about winter. Alot of people also complain about summer heat too, so it evens out in the end. But I hope the two of you will be the type of people not to complain and wish away the days for warmer, beach weather but will take the day as it is given and do something with it. Sometimes the snow is quite annoying and the wind chill that makes your face hurt. But in January I love sitting in front of the wood stove warming our backs. I like catching up on watching movies. We probably watch 1-2 movies a weekend, today it was the Lego Movie (again). I like spending time in the snow with you two, making me laugh. We love skiing... and being on a lift, there is something so invigorating. The enjoyment we get skiing together has been immeasurable this season. It would be easy to complain, to just hibernate and wait for spring but that isn't your father and I. It isn't what we want for you both. Winter isn't always my favorite time of year, there is alot to not like, but that doesn't mean we stop living, stop enjoying life.

We can complain about our circumstances and weather and almost anything, really. But why waste the time? There are adventures to be had, we just need the desire to take them. Carpe Diem.

Gymnastics with Coach Alex. (you're the blur in the air)
Slides are extra slippery in the snow... slid right off the end!

The park playground is much more fun in the snow! 

After Leadership Circle with your class for MLK's birthday. You are holding the main sign. 
Glow Golf!

My favorite ski picture, maybe ever. Daddy is literally carrying 4 pairs of skis and poles.
He is amazingly talented! 
Happy Birthday Daddy!
Surprise! We made a Rainbow cake!
I don't know who is more excited by this gift. 
Nora's first research project on the Adelie penguin. A life size cardboard cut-out. With a rock nest. 
Going to see Annie at the Hippodrome!
Lunch with Clare and Nick at Perri Perri.
Lucy is showing off her impeccable table manners. 

Saying goodbye before the show with real-life Nick and Ken-doll Nick. 
Melted snowman... made by Ashley and Skylar (before it melted). 
Just finished your first group lesson! You did awesome!
Snow day activities....
Snow day play.
New winter coat from Nonna (courtesy of Unique). 
2hr delay Birdie breakfast... we were ditched. 
Lu skiing for 20 minutes before packing it in for playcare. 
Child-free on the main lift! 
First tracks... we were the first ones down the trail. 

Hot cocoa break after lesson. 
Pizza Leone lunch... a huge stuffed lion stared at us during the meal. I took this picture from my seat. 
Lu and Daddy in the background. 
All by yourself. You don't need to hold onto anyone!

Lift ride together. 

Lucy will conquer the magic carpet, after taking a tumble off it. 
The only skier on the mountain who uses a paci while skiing. 


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