Monday, January 13, 2014

Princess Explosion

Many people have asked me "Was it worth it to go to Disney?" Disney is expensive and enormous and overwhelming. As some have pointed out to me, it is highly likely that you two will not remember this trip. You're just too young. When thinking about whether to go or take on this type of vacation, I made some resolutions that I will cover over the next few posts about why we decided to venture to Disney World.
For today my first thought that made our decision to "do Disney" was that you both love characters, Disney princesses and cartoon characters. You love hugging and kissing and talking to them. The only place you can do this is in Disney World. I can take the two of you to any local amusement park to go on rides. The rides at Disney can (for the most part) be found at the "run of the mill" amusement park: roller coasters, spinning rides, trains, cars, carousels. There are of course "themed" rides from the Disney movies at Disney World like Ariel's Under Sea Adventure and Peter Pan Flying Ship or Winnie the Pooh ride. But going into this trip, I knew we would not spend alot of time on rides. We were mainly going for "character experiences" and to give you two face time with your favorite princesses and characters. Disney makes these experiences absolutely incredible. We did go on the Dumbo and Small World rides and a few other rides but for the most part, we sought out the princesses and characters. We had a princess lunch at Norway's Epcot after the eternal Frozen line and then the next day at the Magic Kingdom we spent the time looking for character interactions. I think we were quite successful! 

Cinderella hug!
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Merida, who spent a long time with you two.
Mulan hugs.
Mary Poppins was as sweet as a spoonful of sugar.
Eating in Belle's ballroom.
The Beast's Castle.
Belle hugs.
Ok, we could not, not ride Cinderella's carousel!
Front row seats for the Celebrate Today parade! 
Best seats right in front of the castle.
Almost all of the characters came up to us! Like Pluto patting Nora on the head.
Mickey and Minnie!
The only characters that you two would not interact with were the villains! Here is Jafar from Aladdin! Scary!
Cinderella and Prince Charming and Fairy Godmother, who we met personally later on!
After an afternoon rest on Friday, we came back for evening shows!
Same awesome spot right in front of the castle. 

Blurry, but I love your face, Nor. So excited. We loved the parades so much!
Projection on the castle with songs before the fireworks. Here the castle was changed into a gingerbread house!
So cool!

Magical time was had!
This isn't even all the princesses we met! More to come from Magic Kingdom when we went back for breakfast with Cinderella at her castle. Even Daddy said eating inside her castle was pretty special! But next up, was Saturday at Animal Kingdom. It was a wild time. Stay Tuned! 

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