Friday, January 10, 2014

An Act of True Love

Our first Disney World family vacation is over. We arrived back to the "real world" on Tuesday night.  So many stories, so many adventures, so many princesses and parades and shows and smiles and celebrations. So much exhaustion. I will say, it was worth it. I promise to do a Disney post soon (maybe a day-a-post format). We have over 2000 pictures and over 10GB of data capturing our time. But this post isn't just about our first day in the Disney Parks (Epcot to be precise), it's about an act of true love. 

In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have built up meeting Elsa and Anna (the two princesses from Frozen) in Epcot's Norway. But Nor, you LOVE that movie. You had gotten an Elsa dress before Christmas. You wore that dress everyday it wasn't a school day and when you did have to wear your uniform, you immediately came home and changed into the Elsa dress as soon as you could. The movie perfectly demonstrates how wonderfully frustrating and magically perfect it is to have a sister. It's a love that will be everlasting.

In order to understand the importance of this act of true love you must know
Elsa and Anna are "new" princesses and you can ONLY meet them in Norway in Epcot. That's it. Norway or nothing. 

Our first full day, we enter Epcot in the morning sometime around 9:45am. Nora you were wearing your Elsa dress and Lucy in her Anna shirt. Ready to meet the sisters when they were available at 11am. Of course there will be a line, most characters you wait 5-20 minutes to meet. Sometimes up to 40 minutes. We make our way to Norway, stopping to meet Mickey and Minnie and getting a picture in front of that big silver Epcot ball thing. 10:30am we make it to Norway. We see a line. A cast member directs me to the end of the line, past the town center, around the stave church, looped a long line. 400 people she said were waiting to meet Elsa and Anna. And to make matters worse, the spot in line I had claimed, we wouldn't be able to meet them until between 2:30pm-3pm.  It was 10:30am! We had a princess lunch reservation at 3pm! I knew we couldn't do it. We couldn't wait in line for 4 hours. The cast member explained only one person in our party had to wait the entire time. I couldn't do it, we would have to miss this experience, something Nora, you were so thrilled about doing. But I couldn't stand in line that long for you to have 5 minutes with your favorite princess. I didn't have the patience. I didn't want to waste my time or our whole day in a line.

Right as I was about to step out of line (20 people had already formed behind me getting times as late as 4pm 5 minutes after I got in line). Your father simply says, "I'll stand in line." 
For 4 HOURS?!? I incredulously demand.
"It's important to Nora. She really wants to meet Elsa." he claims. 

And in one of the most beautifully insane acts of true love I have ever seen, your father stood in line, first in the blazing hot Florida sun and then in torrential downpour rain for 4 hours at Epcot's Norway on January 2nd, 2014, just so you and your sister could meet the Norwegian princess sisters. You and Lucy and I traveled the world around Epcot and met Mulan in China and Mary Poppins in England (where she taught Lucy to snap) and we ate ice cream and strolled around the lake and had a lovely day. We made it back to your father in time to weather to the storm.

We made sure you two were nice and dry.

After 20 minutes of hard thick rain, the sun came out in time to dry us off for our meet and greet.
And at the promised time, 4 hours after your father entered the line in Norway, we were let into the rosemaled  doors to meet Elsa and Anna. It only lasted a few minutes; the princess sisters welcoming the Jothen sisters and talking about coming to Norway to visit them someday. It is easy for me to say it was worth it, I did not wait 4 hours. But even your father claims, it was well worth his time. And to know that your father loves the two of so much he would wait in a 4 hour line makes me smile. An act of true love.
Elsa and Anna signed your Frozen story books.
Lucy would not release her book to anyone the rest of the day.

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Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

What a wonderful daddy and a very special Disney moment to cherish forever!