Saturday, November 30, 2013

Celebrating Sisters

Today Lucy went to her first movie. We went to see Frozen, the new Disney movie with Becca and Grandma. It is a princess love story. A love story between two princess Norwegian sisters. There was even lutefisk! If that isn't Norwegian, I don't know what is. There was a prince love interest, but it wasn't the focus, the main message of the movie was about the love shared between two sisters. It made me cry. Sure, Disney princesses aren't always the best role models. Finding a man to take of them, true love conquers all even if it means losing your identity. But Disney has done this pretty amazing thing in the last 10 years. It has developed an image of a princess into a strong, feisty, independent girl who follows her mind and sometimes her heart. Who is smart, driven, and solves their own problems: see Brave, Sofia the First, Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Mulan. All pretty amazing princesses I am glad you two like better than the older Disney princesses whose values are not quite as solid.  But Frozen took this new type of princess a step further and decided to tell a love story between two sisters. Can you tell me any other children's movie that celebrates this bond? I can't. In good Disney fashion, Frozen was an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's Snow Queen. But when I read the synopsis of the original version, the snow queen is evil and there is no mention of sisters. I like the 21st century version a whole lot better.

Disney brought us a little magic today; a magic that reminded us of the truly sacred bond you two have as sisters. The love you share will be the everlasting story of your lives with or without men. A friend at work told me he felt he won the universal lottery when he and his wife had a boy and a girl. Best of both worlds, he said, one of each. Although this might be true for some, I have always known and continue to believe in the power of sisters.  I will do everything I can to foster and grow this love between you two. But so far, it has taken root and sprouted all on its own. And Lucy, you were an amazing little movie goer today. It gives me hope for a good Pirate and Princess show next weekend Oh Disney has taken over our lives!!!  

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