Thursday, July 18, 2013


Oh my. Summer is more than half way over. We have been so busy. This is my first time working in the summer since... I don't know, college. We have done lots of fun things too. Vacations. Weekend getaways. 2nd Birthdays. I want to catch up. I have plans to catch up. Work is quite busy and the consignment sale I run is coming up soon. But this weekend will be first we will be home since mid-June so... I have high hopes to update with more detail. At least on the big events. Yes, Aunt Molly, the birthday festivities will be documented in it's own post. So to wet your whistle, here is a preview of the last six weeks:

Parade Time! We recycled the outfits for the 4th, this was Memorial Day.

Messy hair, messy face, summer night. Perfection.
Vacation with those crazy Jothens.
Fourth with "Fairy Wands"
Someone turned 2.
Nels almost killed Nora in Teddy's weekend house pool.

Nonni and Nonna love.
Caught fresh from the bay! Watch out, they pinch!
Beach time with friends. 
Boardwalk ice cream. Mmmmmmm
Firehouse Carnival Ferris Wheel Wonder. 
One more day of the work week from hell. And if you happen to work in a school, go to a school, or know of someone in either of these categories, find out the person who schedules the students, teachers and classes and THANK THEM. Scheduling is a giant headache that people only complain about. No one ever thinks to express their appreciation to that person who was cooped up in a tiny office for weeks trying to create the ideal schedule that fits everyone needs. As you can probably tell, I have had some stress related to this whole process. Here's hoping to a relaxing weekend, uploading pictures and reliving a great first half of lucky summer 13. 

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