Monday, July 29, 2013

Best. Party. Ever.

I thought I would be further along this month, but this weekend was a whirlwind of activity. We started on Friday night at a friend's for crabs, food and fun. Their garden is truly amazing. The waterfall and friendly koi fish were highlights. So was the game of hide and seek in the yard at sunset. Saturday night was spent at your first musical, Annie. This was put on by a local theater group and it was amazing!! It was a professional show for only $15 a ticket. Local actors, kids. They were sooooo good. I can't even believe how good this show was. They even had a real dog who played Sandy.  Your Daddy had to come with us. He said he wouldn't miss your first musical for anything (I thought this was sort of odd but sweet at the same time. Your father does not like musicals. But he sure loves you). Nora, you were so excited telling people about Annie. You said, "I got to see Annie this weekend! Not the movie but with REAL people." Uh. So. Cute. Then yesterday, Sunday, you went to the Nationals game with Nonni, Aunt Clare and Nick. You rode on the Metro and ate peanuts and ice cream and lemonade and watched baseball for an entire 7 innings before throwing in the towel for the cool air of the metro. You were exhausted by the end of the weekend. But it was all so much fun. A perfect summer weekend. 

OK! But LU's 2nd Birthday. Poorly planned. Well. Not really planned at all. Turned out? The. Best. Birthday Party. Everrrrr. 

Lucy, I love you so much, I gave you a party to celebrate your 2nd year with...

Mule Wagon Rides. Wave to Nonna!
Uncle Same made an appearance. 
A moonbounce!
Picnic Foods
A peacock!
There was a live band. 
Dancing to the live band.
Lots of dancing. 
Ok, we were the only ones dancing. 
Learning the Y! MCA
Swinging with Becca
Lucy pooped out. 
Mini mouse cupcakes were shared.
We had friends come too! 
Good friends. Best friends. 
Sweet momma and son.
Family came too! 
Even Aunt Kaarn from VA!
Nonna came, of course!
Happy Birthday, sweet girl! So many people love you!
It was a gorgeous day. Shady, breezy, cool. It was amazing for July 4th.
This was our "encampment" for the day.  
A rare photo, although blurry of a lighting bug landing on Nora's arm.
Look at all I did for your birthday, Lucy! I spared no expense. I didn't even post pictures of fireworks! Those were quite pricey. Or I was just damn lucky you wanted to come on your actual due date and our town is so quaint and lovely that it puts on an "old fashioned fourth of July" celebration. Eh. I like to think I am just super mom and put together the best birthday ever. With a monkey! 

What better way to end a post about Lucy than with Lucy pictures. Although her hair is lighter that charm and those dimples just keep getting deeper. We can't love her anymore than today, this moment. But then tomorrow comes and our hearts just swell with more love. We are completely and totally under her spell.

How did two year pass already? How has it only been two years? How perfectly you fit in our family and make us complete. I can barely remember what life was like without you. Love you, Lu.

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