Friday, November 30, 2012

A Lucy Cop-Out

It's not the Thanksgiving post I promised (sorry Aunt Molly) but a blatant cop-out... of the Lucy variety. It could be her age, it could be that I am away from her so much now (after being with her 24/7 for almost 14 months) but this kid has me completely and utterly wrapped around her finger. She just has to flash those dimples and I dissolve. Lucy weaned in the middle of the October and gave up the boob addiction but traded for a pacifier addiction. I feed into it... maybe because I am so relieved she no longer wants to nurse or maybe I feel guilty for not being at home with her anymore. Either way, she is addicted and I am not even attempting to break the habit until the new year.   

Lucy is crazy and so funny. She loves a good cuddle and she is still rocked to sleep each night. She is feisty and devilish and a spitfire. But, at the same time, she is laid-back, go with the flow, let us do anything. She is a classic second-born. Maybe that's my obsession  I will always be able to identify with her in that way. Don't worry Nora, Aunt Katie has plenty of "special" weekends planned for the two of you. 

God knew what he was doing when he blessed Lucy with her charm and those dimples. And yes, Lucy dressed up as the Thanksgiving turkey. She loves dressing up. See, I gave you a little slice of our adventures. 

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