Thursday, August 16, 2012

Unexpected Turn

After my last post back in July, I commented how this blog would be more of a priority in my life. I should have known that it would cause an unexpected turn of events. I saw a job posting for a Director of Educational Technology position at a local private school (less than 8 miles away). The job description fit my skill set perfectly. This job was made for me and in a school I always admired. The position is almost exactly what I was previously doing in my old school system. Three weeks ago, going back to work wasn't even in realm of possibility. Let alone full time work. But then I made the very savvy move to ask Uncle Kevin (the marketing shark) and Aunt Katie (the interviewing diva) to help me get my resume and cover letter together.

I sent in my application (resume and cover letter which Uncle Kevin revamped) on a Monday morning at 9am. By 2pm the same day, the school called me for an interview. 48 hours later I was interviewed and hired on the spot. I signed the contract this past Monday and my first day working as the Director of Educational Technology was today. 

I am exhausted and my head is spinning. I am still chairing the consignment sale. I am still a full time mom to you and Lucy Lu (duh, like that would ever change). Except now I also work full time too. You and your sister start daycare at Ms. Patti's full time on Monday 7am-5pm. This is not the life plan I thought our little family would follow. I thought I would have more time being a stay-at-home mom raising the two of you. But the opportunity fell into my lap and I couldn't turn my back on it. And a year from now, you Nora could possibly come to work with me and be able to attend one awesome school that we would not be able to afford without my employee discount. So we have changed the plan, we have made some sacrifices so that your future (and Lucy's too) are filled with choices and opportunities to develop your childhood and academic career in a unique setting that previously only our dreams would allow.

Now, I pray I won't drown. But coming home to you two will always be the highlight of my day. The smiles, the giggles, the chocolate goatees, the silliness, the lost lollipops stuck on Lucy's back will keep me afloat.

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Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Hi Meghan, I finally found your blog - yay! I wanted to respond to your comment on my blog, but you are a noreply commentor. Luckily I found the blog through your profile and here I am. This is really sweet and I can't wait to read more. Best of luck with your new job! It sounds like an amazing opportunity. And life plans don't always go the way we expect them to, but sometimes the little surprises are the best part! ... Thanks again for the gossip bench. It was a fun little project! ... And yes, when we got home from Panera on Sunday, our transfer was complete!