Friday, May 25, 2012

Wisconsin Walking

The weather for our week in Wisconsin was beautiful, blue skies, light breeze, 70s. It was quite conducive to nightly walks after dinner. One night, we took Grandpa's stroller from the 1940s out because that's what we do here... we have each and ever summer since you were born, well last year it was during the early spring. This was Lucy's first ride. HOWEVER because I'm a lazy and  tired and didn't want to power two separate rides, we stuffed you both together into the single seater.

Our nightly strolls up and down that ridiculously steep and winding hill helped to even out the consumption of all those cheese curds. If you squint you can see us as a dot at the bottom of the hill in the picture (although that is not the bottom of the hill, it keeps going for quite awhile).  

Somehow we are never bored at the farm. There is always something to do, even if it's walking up and down the road in a vintage stroller enjoying the early evenings together. 

Our #1 reader aunt Molly is out in the wilderness for the next six weeks traveling across the U.S. camping with limited Internet access. My goal is to have a whole bunch of posts for her to catch up on when she gets home!!!

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