Sunday, May 27, 2012

Syttende Mai

Or in English, the 17th of May. Otherwise known as Norwegian Independence Day. Westby, WI, the town next to great-grandma's farm always has a celebration. Apparently they like to celebrate with cardboard head cut-outs. My favorite is the one of you and Thisbe as Ole and Lena, two factious, infamous Norwegian Americans. It is also the name of delicious cafe in Westby.

You and Daddy had to make a stop at the Lefse House for some sausage wrapped in a lefse called polse. Lefse is a type of potato pancake which you usually eat with butter and sugar. Some of us who are not of Norwegian descent found this polse to be rather gross but I couldn't complain because it was only a dollar! And in what other town in America are you going to find a little shack called the Lefse House?!?! 

We had good times roaming the streets of Westby looking at all the Norwegian crafts and poking in the stores and learning about rommegrot and eating it too! It was pretty yummy for the first three bites!!! This was my first celebration of Syttende Mai and I would recommend it for anyone's bucket list.  

Lisa who is a cousin or more like aunt of your father has a bakery in LaCrosse, WI. She makes the most delicious cakes imaginable. Seriously, the left over red velvet cake she brought to the farm was incredible! And it was adorably decorated with a gnome and the word UffDa! which is a Norwegian term of exasperation. The last picture is the type of Rosemaling from the region in Norway where the Jothen family came from. Rosemaling is a decorative painting style from Norway.  

So not only did we get to hang out with our mid-west family for a week, we also got to learn about your Norwegian heritage. And I have a lot to learn! However, I have already dubbed myself an honorary Norwegian for two main reasons: 1. I attended Syttende Mai festivities and 2. I have hosted and nourished two part-Norwegians in my body. I think both those reasons are pretty solid. I can now claim to be a teeny tiny bit Norwegian.



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