Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Break Recap

What a spring break we've had this year. Fun with friends and family alike. If my plans hold, I'll update on Easter tomorrow, but we both know the best laid plans...

Anyway, tonight I want to record our exciting adventures. The first was exciting and somewhat scary and most definitely a rite of passage for your newly three self: object inserted and became lodged in your nose. Lodged so far up, Daddy had to scramble about on a Sunday night for an open store to buy a tool long and skinny and pinchy enough to grab the wad of tissue you stuck up there. Marta had to wrap you like a burrito and straddle you on the "operating table" and Trish held your head really still. Lucy and I watched from the steps while Daddy took pictures. I have to say, it was quite amusing. A story for the ages.

We then went to an enchanted farm with Ashley and Skyler where we were able to frolic about to all types of enchanted places. The three of you rode on a cow train, had a pony ride with Farmer Nora, fed some goats and sheep, had a picnic together, went down a rainbow slide, played in an enchanted maze and generally enjoyed running around. We were thoroughly burnt when we got home (oops mommy forgot the sunscreen!) and really tired but we had such a great time. And the best part was this enchanted forest used to be some place else when I was growing up and I actually had my 6th birthday at the enchanted forest. I remember it well. It was pretty neat to see you enjoying and playing with the same things that made me so happy 24 years ago.

Later in the week we dyed eggs and went to the city egg hunt (FAIL) where you completely cracked under the pressure and you didn't hunt one egg! You would be redeemed the next day. However, on our way home from the failed egg hunt, we were able to get front row seats to play with piglets!!! Lucy was thrilled about this. She was a bit apathetic when it came to plastic eggs but get that girl near a live animal and she becomes a squealing ball of joy. Later in the day, we were able to see uncle Cliff and aunt Kaarn and they came with us to the annual Peep show at the Arts Center. We peeped together this year and you and aunt Kaarn enjoyed Peep-on-a-Stick. The show is always so creative and fun and I'm glad they could enjoy it with us... and Grandma and Grandpa and Rika came too! Finally, you and Lu have been enjoying Daddy's habit of roadside trash rescue where he procured a John Deere atv ride car thingy that you drive all over the backyard. Too bad it has it's problems and it needs alot of pushing but who can argue with free?!?!

So our spring break came and went. I want to remember how you and Lucy soaked up life and you both fiercely engage in all activities with your whole heart and soul. I suppose I really admire your gusto.

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