Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I've been thinking alot about the purpose of this blog lately. Why do it? Why continue? Certainly I am not a mommy blogger making money from the funny stories or anecdotes of my life. I am not a writer weaving beautiful tales of childhood memories. I am not offering advise or perspective on how to raise kids. Who really reads this besides your aunts and grandparents? And Ashley, of course!


I am documenting the lives of my children. For you. For your sister. I don't scrapbook. Tried and failed. I never filled out a baby book.


I have this blog. I have the entries for you to read someday. I have the pictures and videos for you to know how you have been loved and treasured from the beginning.

I am not looking to make money or even have other people read this. If someone is here to see what's going on with us, WELCOME!


The true purpose of this blog is not for them, Nor. It's for you and Lucy. You have always been my primary audience and always will.

I wish you will always know the love of your family and never loose the ability to laugh with them. I hope you will grow up to know Teddy like a brother. I hope you will know your aunts and uncles as an extension of your father and I.

We celebrated aunt Katie's birthday at their beautiful Georgetown home. We had a picnic at the park across the street from their house and hiked some trails in Rock Creek. It was quite fun. Nonni wanted to walk all the way to the National Zoo. We turned around before we got there. Next time :-)

Happy Birthday Aunt Katie clap!


Mmmmmmmm fresh Georgetown sand. It's better than your average park.

Picnic with Daddy

Rock Creek with Aunt Katie

Someone fell asleep during the hike.

For children ONLY, Daddy!!!

Walk, Teddy, Walk!

Daddy scaring me by standing on the edge of a steep ravine.
So there's an update on what's been going on. I will try to update more often. We do love our readers and  want to keep them abreast on our lives.


I really love the idea of you reading and watching your story unfold sometime in the not-to-distant future.

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