Monday, April 2, 2012


We went to two Easter egg hunts on Saturday. We have another one this Saturday. It's egg hunting season around these parts. I have to remember Lucy isn't as well versed on these holiday traditions. Many times she gets overwhelmed, nervous or frightened. But Saturday's run-in with the Easter Bunny left her completely baffled which I caught in a picture. I had to zoom in on her face. It's priceless. 

We have to beef you up for big hunt this Saturday. Westminster City Hunt isn't for sissies. Your first hunt of the season, you were passing up eggs that weren't the right color (pink or purple). You refused to pick up any blue or green or yellow or orange eggs and when I picked it up for you to put in your basket, you freaked. "Only pink and purple eggs!!!" That won't fly when prizes are on the line and I don't think the mayor only stuffed the pink and purple eggs with the good stuff.

Jesus has risen... or will rise... let the hunting begin!!!

What the heck is that thing?!?!

Mmmmmm plastic eggs... of all colors. Lucy doesn't discriminate.

Post egg hunt sugar high.

Waiting patiently for a cracker.

Tooth and dimples.

Notice the green and yellow eggs are left untouched by your diva-self.

For some reason I LOVE this photo. I think it's Lucy's somewhat disgusted expression. 
And after I posted a picture in the last entry, I thought I had seen one like it before. Except when I found the photo, it wasn't of the same child. Sisters, perhaps?

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